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Celebrity birthdays: Lauren Goodger turns 28

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Happy birthday Lauren Goodger! As the gorgeous TOWIE star turns 28, HELLO! Online takes a look at what the stars have in store for Lauren and you...This is what Lauren, who is a Virgo, can be expecting today:Must you throw your heart and soul into everything you do? Can't you be just a little bit half-hearted this weekend? Is there truly a ban on being blase? Who will you offend if you are too casual or non-committal? It might, actually, be wise to stand a little further back, keep a few options open and roll gently along with a plan or a movement until you see how you feel about it. Either passion will make a decision for you... or lack of passion will become apparent and that will thus become a decisive force in its own right! Read your horoscope here

Lauren Goodger© Photo: Getty Images
Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger rose to fame as one of the original cast members of semi-reality show The Only Way Is Essex.The first two seasons of the show mostly evolved around her relationship with fellow TOWIE star Mark Wright, but in 2011 in the second season's dramatic finale, they split after 11 years together when she pushed him into a swimming pool.Despite the aftermath of their dramatic break-up, the blonde beauty stayed in the show until season six, before joining ITV's Dancing on Ice.As well as becoming a household name through the screen, Lauren has also launched her own range of self-tanning, fake eye-lashes and hair-extensions called Lauren's Way.

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