Taylor Swift shares throwback Halloween costume photo


Taylor Swift's childhood Halloween costume was more sweet than scary. The Shake it Off singer shared a throwback photo on Instagram on Wednesday, telling fans that her Teletubbies costume didn't get the best reception from her friends.

The black and white photo shows a young Taylor dressed as Laa Laa while proudly clutching a toy of the popular children's TV character.

Taylor Swift shared a photo of her childhood Halloween costume

"When you dress as the yellow teletubby for Halloween, but it's before Teletubbies got huge so all the kids at school ask why you're dressed as a yellow pregnant alien," Taylor captioned the sweet image.

While Taylor may have once been mocked by her school friends, she has since gone on to achieve unprecedented success as one of the most successful – and popular – musicians in the world. The 25-year-old is now the most followed celebrity on Instagram with over 53 million followers, and is one half of the highest-earning celebrity couple with boyfriend Calvin Harris.



Taylor Swift is celebrating one year since album 1989 was released

The singer also celebrated the one-year anniversary of her album 1989 on Tuesday, which has been her most successful album to date. Unsurprisingly Taylor described 2015 as "the best year of my life" in a sentimental tweet to mark the anniversary.

"1989 came out 1 year ago today," Taylor tweeted. "It's been the best year of my life. I love you guys #HappyBirthday1989."

Despite it all though, Taylor recently admitted she still has moments of doubt when there is only one person she can turn to for a pep talk – her mother Andrea.

"I'm in the news every single day for multiple different reasons. If you let your anxiety get the better of you, like everybody's waiting for you to really mess up, then you'll be done," Taylor told NME magazine. "A lot of the time I call my mom and talk for a really long time, just to remind myself of all the things that are great and that matter."