Helen Mirren praises Meghan Markle for dealing with the pressure of becoming a royal

The Oscar-winning actress has a good relationship with Prince Harry

Dame Helen Mirren may be acting royalty, but that hasn't stopped her from developing a great relationship with the British Royal family. Appearing on Thursday's Good Morning Britain, the acclaimed star - who won the Best Actress at the Oscars for her portrayal of the Queen praised the newest member of the firm, fellow actress Meghan Markle. "I think right from the moment that relationship was revealed she conducted herself with incredible self-restraint, elegance, discipline and simplicity and humanity," she shared.

"I was an admirer… it's an incredibly difficult life to lead, talk about pressure. I think she is doing it with great elegance." Helen, 73, also revealed that Prince Harry had once called her "Granny". She shared: "Prince Charles is very, very tactful. Harry and William have mentioned it to me and have been very funny and very cool about it. I think Harry was at an awards ceremony and he said 'Granny is here.' I was rather insulted by that. I mean really!"

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To date, Helen has perhaps delivered the most acclaimed portrayal of the monarch; the actress won an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 2007 for her starring role in The Queen. Almost a decade later she reprised her role as the royal from her younger years to the present day by performing in The Audience on Broadway.

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Asked if people ever treated her like royalty, Helen replied: "Maybe for the first one second but very quickly I disabuse them of that fact." The British star, who is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust, had launched GMB Prince's Trust Mentor of the Year award. Speaking about the project, she added: "It's a wonderful programme, the Prince's Trust, right from when it was first conceived by Prince Charles was obviously specifically to help young people entering into their future life, the workplace to help them set-up businesses, to become self-sufficient. And of course a big part of that is mentoring."

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