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Everything you need to know about Bodyguard star Richard Madden

Everyone is talking about Richard Madden at the moment, but just how much do you know about him?

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Richard Madden received critical acclaim for his role as Sergeant David Budd in BBC One's Bodyguard, with fans and critics alike praising his portrayal of the damaged officer who becomes PPO for the Home Secretary. In fact, some people have gone as far as to suggest that he could be the next Bond, with some bookmakers offering a 10/1 chance on the outcome. Find out everything you need to know about the up-and-coming star here…

Early life

Richard was born in Renfrewshire, near Glasgow, on 18 June 1986 to parents Pat and Richard. The star has two sisters, and revealed that he was a shy child. He told The Sun: "I was fat and shy. Crushingly shy, going to what was a fairly tough high school. Aggressive, masculine. I was a 38in waist when I was 12. I didn't wear denim until I was 19 because denim is hard to take up. My mum couldn't take my jeans up."

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Richard's filmography

Richard found film success while starring alongside Lily James in Cinderella, where he plays Prince Charming, Kit. He went on to star in Bastille Day, and also found success in other TV shows including Lady Chatterley's Lover, Medici: Masters of Florence and Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams.

Most recently, Richard has starred as Sergeant David Budd in Bodyguard, the hit BBC One show that has kept fans on the edge of their seat since it premiered in August 2018. The show follows David as he is charged with protecting the Home Secretary, Julia Montague. Speaking about Richard on the show, the show's creator Jed Mercurio told Radio Times: "I'd rather not [kill him off] because it would leave a massive hole. [Richard's] the genuine article, a real leading man. And I think this role has put him very much in the spotlight for bigger things." The show has since been commissioned for a second series.

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Game of Thrones

Richard is perhaps best known for his role as Robb Stark, the eldest son in the Stark family, in the hit show Game of Thrones. As a principle member of the cast in series one to three, Robb set out to avenge his father's death by being made King in the North and rebelling against the Lannisters. However, despite being a much-loved character in the series, Robb was killed off in the penultimate episode of season three, where he was murdered during the Red Wedding along with his mother, Catelyn, and his pregnant wife, Talisa.

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Speaking about finishing filming the show, the star told Jimmy Kimmel: "I wanted to dive out as soon as I could so we did the scene and I jumped on a plane and flew back to London but I had a pipe all the way up my leg when we were filming for when I get stabbed and the first time it went really terribly wrong… and all of the fake blood just went pouring out… I managed to get on the plane, covered in fake blood, crying because I was kind of upset. I think I looked like I'd murdered someone then got on a flight." Since Richard landed the role when he was just 22, he has since revealed to the Times that he was paid "[expletive] all" for his involvement.

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Richard was in a long-term relationship with Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman from 2012 to 2015. Although the pair kept tight-lipped about their relationship, Richard revealed that he would regularly visit her on set, and "geek out" in the TARDIS. Chatting to Vulture, he said: "I mean, I've watched Doctor Who since I was a kid. I loved it, and I still love it. I can geek out about it, like when I go to set and see the TARDIS."

richard madden jenna coleman

After their split, Richard began dating 21-year-old actress Ellie Bamber, who starred as Cosette in the BBC adaptation of Les Miserables, and played Lydia Bennett in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies alongside Richard's Cinderella co-star, Lily James. In an odd coincidence, Lily is dating Matt Smith, who starred as the Doctor alongside Jenna in the sci-fi show. However, the pair reportedly parted ways in January 2019.

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