Rebekah Vardy hits back at Danielle Lloyd after she takes Coleen Rooney's side

Danielle said she believes Rebekah has been selling stories about Coleen

Rebekah Vardy has responded to Danielle Lloyd after the former Miss England model publicly took Coleen Rooney's side, saying she believes that Rebekah did sell stories about Coleen. Danielle made the accusations on Thursday's episode of This Morning, saying: "I wasn't shocked, because I've had run-ins with Rebekah before over similar things."

She continued: "I think she did it. Sadly, I really do. And I think it's a shame because she probably never thought that she was going to get caught out. I think she thought that if she was feeding the press, maybe she would get more headlines for herself. I could never do that to somebody." 

Danielle said she believes Rebekah is at fault

Following the televised interview, Rebekah, who is heavily pregnant with her fifth child, took to Twitter to write: "Danielle Lloyd making false claims on @thismorning that we have had 'similar run-ins' is utter [expletive]. She is just fuming that I 'didn't get Jamie recruiting' for her like she asked me to..." Rebekah, 37, went on to tweet: "On a more serious note I've been inundated with messages from everyone but I'm not saying anything more until we've finished looking into this situation properly."

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Danielle was quick to tweet back: "@RebekahVardy Do you mean like how the Sun recruited you Luv! #secretwag we are all entitled to our opinions and we all know it came from your account, attacking me won't take that away another low blow by you #notagirlsgirl."

Coleen (left) has accused Rebekah (right) of selling stories about her

Jamie Vardy's wife reportedly cut short her holiday in Dubai and is heading back to the UK to work with her lawyers to prove she had nothing to do with the leak. On Wednesday, Coleen accused Rebekah of leaking stories and information from Coleen's private Instagram account to the press.

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Responding to Coleen's message on Twitter, she wrote: "As I just said to you on the phone, I wish you had called me if you thought this. I never speak to anyone about you as various journalists who have asked me to over the years can vouch for. If you thought this was happening you could have told me and I could have changed my passwords to see if it stopped. Over the years various people have had access to my Insta and just this week I found I was following people I didn't know and have never followed myself.

"I'm not being funny, but I don't need the money, what would I gain from selling stories on you? I liked you a lot Coleen and I'm so upset that you have chosen to do this, especially when I am heavily pregnant. I'm disgusted that I'm even having to deny this. You should have called me the first time this happened."

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