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8 stars looking incredibly youthful in #MeAt20 photo challenge

Piers Morgan, Carol Vorderman and Nigella Lawson are just some who have taken part so far…

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Jenni McKnight
Jenni McKnightUS Lifestyle Editor
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piers morgan meat20© Photo: Instagram

With news that we can expect to be in lockdown for at least another three weeks sinking in, we need to find more ways to keep ourselves entertained. If like us, you've binge-watched Netflix hit Tiger King in one sitting (it's so good!) and are waiting for season two of Ricky Gervais' insanely funny After Life to start (24 April, make a note), you need something else to fill the void – and we have the answer! The latest social media craze doing the rounds is #MeAt20, where, you guessed it, you share a photo of yourself at the age of 20. Thankfully, celebrities have joined in on the trend and are giving us a glimpse at their younger, sometimes embarrassing, self. Here's a look at some of our favourites so far…

Piers Morgan

Look at his shorts! Times have certainly changed for Good Morning Britain star Piers Morgan, who we imagine hasn't worn a pair of teeny tiny shorts since this photo was taken – they look great on him though. Captioning his youthful snap on Instagram, Piers wrote: "Me at 20 with my oldest journalist mate @robinmcgibbon - you’d never believe we both went on to write books about boy bands." No, Piers. We don't believe it.

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carol vorderman meat20© Photo: Twitter

Carol Vorderman

Maths genius Carol Vorderman is instantly recognisable despite her "bad perm" – her words, not ours. Sharing a photo of her 20-year-old self on Twitter, she wrote: "Graduating age 20. 1981. Engineering. Cambridge Uni. VERY bad perm. Inspired by Deirdre Barlow, John Bon Jovi with a hint of Cher #MeAt20." 

nigella lawson meat20© Photo: Twitter

Nigella Lawson

OMG perfectly sums up how we feel about Nigella Lawson's stunning throwback photo. We're getting Cindy Crawford vibes for sure! The chef is three years out with her photo, but we'll let her off because she looks so good. Captioning her modelling shot (highly possible), she wrote: "Can’t find one at 20, so here’s one when I was 23."

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judge rinder meat20© Photo: Twitter

Judge Rinder

We wouldn't be able to pick Judge Rinder out of a line-up with this photo. The TV judge looks unrecognisable with a full head of blonde hair, but his infectious smile is certainly still the same. Hilariously captioning his flashback photo on Twitter, he wrote: "From Clare Balding to balding #MeAt20." 

ricky gervais meat20© Photo: Twitter

Ricky Gervais 

So technically this photo was posted in 2019, but Ricky Gervais was clearly ahead of the #MeAt20 craze and we imagine it won't be long before he posts another. We're getting very strong 80's pop star vibes from this incredible photo – look at how perfectly groomed his eyebrows were! Captioning this photo at the time, Ricky wrote: "If I could write a letter to my 20 year old self, I would say, Dear Ricky, you are a perfect genetic specimen and that will never change. Eat and drink as much as you want. Just so I could see the look on the silly fat (expletive) face now."

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hugh grant meat20© Photo: Twitter

Hugh Grant

There's no denying that this is Hugh Grant, even if he is wearing a leopard print onesie. We can't believe this photo was taken 39 years ago, it's like he hasn't aged a day and looks much younger now than his 59 years. Requiring no explanation, Hugh simply captioned this beauty of a photo: "20 20".

matthew wright meat20© Photo: Twitter

Matthew Wright

Who else thinks TV presenter Matthew Wright was inspired by Queen's Brian May, and quite possible Woodstock, during his younger adult life? We bet those curls needed some upkeep. Never usually a man of few words, Matthew simply captioned his snap: "#MeAt20." We don't think anything else was needed.

julia bradbury meat20© Photo: Twitter

Julia Bradbury

TV presenter Julia Bradbury is obviously some sort of wizard because she looks exactly the same! Honestly, whatever creams and potions she's using, we want some. Despite being unsure about the challenge, Julia still jumped on the bandwagon and shared a photo of her younger self. She wrote: "Not sure why we're all doing this but #MeAt20 (or there abouts…)". 

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