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Inside Dianne Buswell’s camera roll: exclusive photos with boyfriend Joe Sugg

The dancer granted HELLO! exclusive access

dianne buswell camera roll
Jenni McKnight
US Lifestyle Editor
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While the last few months have been a trying time for everyone due to COVID-19, some people are making the best out of an awful situation as they adjust to the new 'normal' way of living.

For Dianne Buswell, this meant starting a new business. Back in August, the Strictly Come Dancing pro launched Buswellness, a lifestyle platform to "inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle and to encourage movement which is key for overall mental health".

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As she spoke with HELLO! about her venture, which launched on YouTube, Dianne shared an intimate peek into her private camera roll, sharing some of her favourite photos from her beginnings as a young dancer, to her life at home with boyfriend Joe Sugg.

dianne buswell brother

Dianne Buswell and her brother Andrew (Image: Dianne Buswell)

Dianne began her career in Australia where she was born, and credits her brother, Andrew, for helping her achieve her dream to become a professional dancer. "Back in the day I didn't actually have a dance partner, so my brother would take me and I would compete against all the girls that didn't have a dance partner. That's kind of how I got into dancing was through my brother.

"He's been so good to me throughout my whole dance career actually. If I couldn't afford dresses he would pay for them. He would sometimes pay for my lessons if mum and dad couldn't afford them. He was absolutely amazing. I owe a lot to him actually."

dianne buswell child

Dianne Buswell dressed up for World Book Day (Image: Dianne Buswell)

"There's such a great story behind (this photo) actually. So I was going to Book Week for school, I think I was 12 or 13, and for some reason, my mum sent me as an Italian woman. I don't understand why but I was all for it, I loved it. The main reason is because I had a full loaf of bread in my basket and I love bread!

"I remember eating it throughout the day. I had aluminium foil hoop earrings, my top was mum's top with shoulder pads, I wore her brooch, so it was hilarious. Everyone else was princesses but I was an Italian woman. Very multicultural, I loved it."

dianne buswell joe

Dianne Buswell and boyfriend Joe Sugg (Image: Dianne Buswell)

Dianne and boyfriend Joe have been keeping very active during lockdown, and according to Dianne, Joe has upped his fitness game since the pair started dating. "During lockdown we did so many workouts," she told us. "Ever since Strictly – I'm a lovely teacher but I'm also quite strict and quite hard – so I think he kind of liked that personal training that I would give him and he's kept it going.

"With him, he's that kind of person who needs someone to push him to work out, so he loves it when I say, 'We're doing this,' otherwise he probably wouldn't do it. I find he's definitely done more since I've pushed him to do more."

Joe even remembers some of his Strictly routines, according to Dianne. She added: "He often pops his arms up into ballroom hold in the kitchen and like, whizzes me around a little bit. It's like something you would see in a movie but he genuinely does that. He's pretty good."

dianne buswell joe van

Dianne and Joe recently bought a campervan together (Image: Dianne Buswell)

"We've been on a few little road trips this summer, this one was down Devon way. I always take a little picture when we get in the campervan. It's quite an exciting thing getting in there, I know it takes forever to get anywhere and there's no air-conditioning but it's a really fun experience. We put the tunes on, I love it."

Speaking of why they decided to buy a campervan together, Dianne confessed: "I think Joe has always really loved them and me being from Australia, I've always been fascinated by them. I would be that person that if I saw one I'd be like, 'Oh let's get a photo with it,' so it's quite surreal to have one just sitting in the garage now. It's definitely just a road trip car though, Joe stresses a little bit if he has to drive it around London – the gear stick on it is like three metres long!"

dianne buswell yoga 3

Dianne Buswell has practised yoga for years (Image: Dianne Buswell)

"I started my yoga teaching when I was back in Australia. I had about eight months off dancing and it really affected me a lot mentally. Obviously, dance is something I do – it makes me feel happy, it relieves my stress, it's just always been there for me.

"When I stopped for eight months I really felt the effects and I got into yoga. I was doing it sometimes three times a day just because it made me feel so good. I noticed a difference in my body but I also noticed mainly my mental attitude changed dramatically.

"This is actually me working out my Buswellness routines. I like to do my yoga on the top level of Joe's apartment. It's a nice little light trap and it's got loads of beautiful plants there and it makes me feel quite Zen. I'll light some candles and it just really sets the mood for the yoga vibe."

dianne buswell yoga 2

Dianne Buswell launched Buswellness in July (Image: Dianne Buswell)

Dianne has been busy the last few months working on her Buswellness platform, something she was inspired to create after putting on daily workouts for her social media following. "I think it was receiving messages from young girls, saying if it wasn't for me they probably wouldn't have exercised once.

"I'm a big believer that exercise and mental health are linked. Just getting up in the morning, it doesn't have to be a massive workout that you do. All my Buswell workouts, nothing's over 20 minutes. You just feel so much more clarity, you feel better in yourself, and you want to get more done. There's a huge benefit to just a small little workout, not only physically but mentally as well."

dianne buswell yoga

Buwellness has now launched on YouTube (Image: Dianne Buswell)

"This was taken in Castlecombe at one of their hotel resorts, The Manor House. It's absolutely stunning there. So many beautiful buildings. Joe isn't my cameraman but if we've travelled anywhere we always take the opportunity to film something because there's just so many beautiful areas in the UK."

While Joe isn't strictly part of Dianne's new venture, he has been to every filming with her. She added: "Joe comes to every shoot bless him, my little water boy. He holds my water, makes sure I'm alright and not overheating. He gives me a snack if I need it. He's been so supportive of the whole thing."

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