Lorraine Kelly lets her hair down and shows off fun dance moves

The TV presenter has been inspired!

In her exclusive column for HELLO! this week, Lorraine Kelly busts out some fun dance moves as she tells fans to "lose their inhibitions".

The TV presenter has been inspired by Canadian resident Gurdeep Panther, who has got just about everyone smiling and dancing with his joyous moves. Read more below...

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Scrolling through social media this week I happened upon one of the most joyful posts I've ever seen. It was a wonderful man in a bright yellow turban happily dancing outside in the remote, snowy Yukon region of Canada. His smile was so infectious and his sheer joy doing the dance moves made me want to find out more.

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Lorraine Kelly dances like nobody's watching!

It turns out his name is Gurdeep Panther and he's become a viral sensation from his cabin in the wilderness. His does Bhangra, a traditional dance from India and puts his own unique spin on it.

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The Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau is a big fan, as is Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. He's attracted the attention of the Canadian armed forces who've joined up with him to spread the word that you can keep fit and healthy, physically and mentally, doing something that's great fun.

Gurdeep was even joined by his neighbour, who lives many miles away, and who plays the bagpipes for a Scottish/Indian Bhangra mash up, which really is a match made in heaven.

Lorraine interviewed Gurdeep earlier this week

I spoke to Gurdeep this week and was just bowled over by his optimism and enthusiasm. He simply wants to spread happiness and inclusivity, and for us all to be as contended as we can in these strange times. He has no agenda other than making people smile.

Gurdeep puts his positive mental attitude down to the joy of the dance and he's so delighted that people across the globe have discovered him online and want to join in. It's a style of dance that I absolutely love and I've been having a go myself. Like Gurdeep you have to dance as though no one is watching, lose your inhibitions and just have fun.

I found myself grinning with happiness and feeling genuinely uplifted. The man is a ray of sunshine in what can be a pretty dark world at the moment. Check him out on Twitter @GurdeepPandher. I guarantee he will make you smile.

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