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Rumer Willis introduces adorable new family member months after giving birth

Welcome to the family Atlantis!

Rumer Willis smiling at the camera with Derek beside her
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Rumer Willis’s family is growing as she announced a new addition in the form of an adorable puppy she has named Atlantis. 

'Welcome to the family Atlantis'© @rumerwillis Instagram
'Welcome to the family Atlantis'

The 35-year-old actress introduced fans to the new pup, which looks like a lurcher, on Instagram. She captioned the photo: “Welcome to the family Atlantis” with a moon emoji and a trident one.

'Welcome to the family Atlantis'© @rumerwillis Instagram
'Welcome to the family Atlantis'

The photos showed Atlantis looking super cute as she slept on the sofa, snuggled in a fluffy blanket, and wore a little ascot scarf. With soft grey fur and big floppy ears, Rumer’s new dog is a charming new family member.

'Welcome to the family Atlantis'© @rumerwillis Instagram
'Welcome to the family Atlantis'

The puppy joins a growing family as Rumer gave birth to her first child, a daughter sweetly named Louetta, in April this year. She had Lou with singer Derek Richard Thomas, who she has been in a relationship with since last year.

WATCH: Rumer Willis gets candid about motherhood

Rumer has spoken candidly about the difficulties of motherhood, as she and baby Lou were hit with the flu, which she discussed on Instagram, saying: “I have been reflecting this week on the strength of Mamas, of this incredible gift of resilience and love. 

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"The softness that can come from vulnerability and asking for help. The flu took both my Lou and me simultaneously, and it brought not just symptoms but moments of doubt. Could I manage taking care of her and myself in this weakened state?

“But in that storm of uncertainty, we discovered an uncharted strength within ourselves. The resilience I summoned in the face of a common challenge mothers everywhere deal with truly showed me so much about myself and my capacity. 

"As a parent, you sometimes question your abilities, but that week, as the flu raged on, it became clear that I was more capable than I ever thought. That I could be her safe place and I could hold the container for both of us.”

Demi Moore and her nine dogs© @demimoore Instagram
Demi Moore and her nine dogs

Clearly, a love of dogs runs in the family, as her mom Demi Moore is reported to own at least nine dogs, most notably her “little shadow” Pilaf. She regularly posts pictures with Pilaf while out and about, most recently taking the little Chihuahua to the Versace SS24 show.

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