Joe Wicks reveals which food he can't wait to give his baby daughter – and his reason will make you smile

The new dad's baby daughter Indie was born in July

After becoming a dad, Joe Wicks – aka The Body Coach – has found the recipe for happiness. Speaking to HELLO! in an exclusive chat about his brand new cookbook, Joe's 30-Minute Meals, the proud dad tells us how he excited he is to give his six-week-old daughter Indie lots of different foods for the first time.

"I want to bring Indie up to be healthy and I want her to be an adventurous baby so hopefully she'll try everything," says Joe, who welcomed his first child with his model girlfriend Rosie Jones back in July. He adds that he is very excited to try her out on one food in particular. "I'm looking forward to giving her a lemon for the first time. It's so funny when babies do that funny face when they eat a lemon," he says with a laugh. "I'm looking forward to trying her out with broccoli and all sorts of stuff."

Joe Wicks revealed he can't wait to give his daughter Indie food

Joe also tells us how he manages to look after adorable Indie whilst maintaining his enviable physique and healthy lifestyle. "It's getting a little bit more challenging, especially if I've had a rough night's sleep," reveals Joe, who turns 33 on 21 September. "I try to do my exercise when Indie naps, in the day or in the evening," he explains. "There are definitely days when I have more energy than others, but for me, doing exercise always gives me more energy and always makes me feel better, so I try and prioritise that as well."

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With his ever-growing empire going from strength to strength, what's next for Joe? "I'm releasing another cookbook – Veggie Lean in 15 – in December," he tells us. And since becoming a dad, Joe's attention has turned to children’s health, too.

Joe has just released his latest cookbook

"I would like to do a children's cookbook for healthy food for kids and toddlers," reveals Joe, adding that he's come up with the perfect name for it. "I really want to call it Wean in 15. It would help with weaning babies into healthy food and also toddlers and kids. My aim would be to get children cooking and having fun with it."

Joe’s 30 Minute Meals by Joe Wicks is out now (Bluebird)