Marks & Spencer sees an increase in Gin & Tonic sales because of THAT priest in Fleabag

Find out why

Alice Howarth

If you've been watching Fleabag season two, you'll have noticed many things. Phoebe Waller-Bridge still has razor sharp wit, the nation's obsession isn't waning anytime soon and if you were ever to order the sexy priest a drink, ordering a gin & tonic would be a safe bet. Why? Well, he happily drank Marks & Spencer's own-brand G&T in episode two of season two and, in today's most unexpected news, the retailer has revealed there has been a spike in sales since he enjoyed the tipple.


M&S bosses first revealed they'd seen an increase in sales to Radio Times but then they confirmed the news to Good Housekeeping. "This isn't any G&T in a can, it's an M&S G&T in a can... an absolute favourite with M&S customers, as well as the occasional vicar as seen recently on the hit show Fleabag," the spokesperson said. "Sales are up 24% since its TV appearance, so looks like even more people are enjoying our G&Ts on the go."

 For those who can't remember, the gin first appears when Fleabag drops in to see the vicar and he offers her a "proper" drink as opposed to a cup of tea. "I've got cans of G&T", he says, "From M&S".

In the next episode, hoping to once again steal some one-on-one time with the priest, who is played by Andrew Scott, Fleabag arrives at the door with more gins in a tin and says, "I just fancied a drink and a priest and a chat". For those who have seen the rest of the series, they'll know that she wasn't just after a chat.

Now with the trend of wine in a can making waves, we wonder if we'll remain with tinned gins or move on to something else this summer. Time will tell.

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