Royal children and their favourite foods! You'll never guess what they eat…

Regal children are just like our kids with mealtimes

Sophie Hamilton

Parents and grandparents all over the world know how tricky it can be to get children to eat their meals sometimes – one day carrots are totally delicious, the next the little angel can't bear to look at them. That's kids for you.

We got thinking about those sweet royal children and what their mealtimes are like at home with their famous mums and dads. Do royal chefs serve them gourmet meals or is it more bangers and mash like we cook? 

After doing some digging, we're super relieved to know that the likes of Prince George and Mia Tindall eat just like regular children. So, if they ever stop by for a playdate, you know what to serve them (can you even imagine?!)

 Find out royal kids' favourite foods below…

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis


Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

We're very relieved to know that this royal trio love pasta and pizza! 

In February 2019, Duchess Kate visited the Lavender Primary School in London and told Matthew Kleiner-Mann, chief executive of the Ivy Learning Trust:

"She was telling us how much her children love cooking and how they cook for her," he revealed. "They made cheesy pasta the other day. One stirs the flour, one puts the milk and butter in. And they make salads and stuff."

On another visit to St. Luke's Community Centre, Kate revealed how her three children like making pizza. She said: "I’ve done that with George and Charlotte — making pizza dough. They love it because they can get their hands messy."

The wife of Prince William has also spoken of her children's love of vegetables. While filming with Mary Berry for a TV Christmas Special, the Duchess divulged: "We've got carrots, beans, beetroot – a massive favourite – Louis absolutely loves beetroot."

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Prince William and Prince Harry


The late Princess Diana with a young Prince William and Prince Harry

We know a fair amount about the princes' favourite childhood meals, thanks to their former chef Darren McGrady.

On his website, Darren says: "Whether they were at Buckingham or Kensington, William and Harry’s meals would consist of traditional, English food. A few favourites included Wills’ favourite cottage pie and peas, poached chicken and rice and fish cakes."

Darren added how the boys enjoyed a classic jam poly-poly, summer pudding and sticky toffee pudding. Yum!

The chef also recalls a funny time the princes swapped their nanny's note for their own note asking for pizza for dinner – except Darren recognised their writing and gave them roast chicken in fear of the nanny's response!

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Mia and Lena Tindall


Mike Tindall with Mia and Lena

The daughters of Zara and Mike Tindall are super lucky as both of their parents enjoy cooking and by the sounds of things, their meals are varied and very tasty.

Mike recently shared a photo from the family's kitchen of some delicious-looking cheeseburgers, writing: "Trying the @macandwild build yours at home and pretty happy with how they look!!! Get in my belly!!" We hope he left some for the girls!

The retired rugby player has also previously told The Mail:

"She’s [Zara] a very good cook and cooks me everything. I cook too, but I’m the pudding guy – sticky toffee puddings, chocolate fondants and brownies."

He added: "I’m very good at following a recipe whereas Zara’s good at putting her own twist on things."


Archie Harrison


Duchess Meghan and Archie Harrison

Little Archie Harrison is 14 months old now so is sure to be enjoying his food and exploring new tastes. We're not sure what his favourite meals are per se, but we know he eats healthily.

Duchess Meghan's close friend and makeup artist Daniel Martin recently gave an interview to CBS presenter Gayle King. He said: "I'm sure the baby's going to be raised clean and green. She [Meghan] loves to cook, eating organic whenever she can. I totally see her making her own food. Totally!"


Isla and Savannah Phillips


Isla and Savannah Phillips

We're fairly certain that the daughters of Peter and Autumn Phillips adore ice cream! We often see the siblings enjoying the sweet treat while at outdoor events – here they are with identical cones at the Gatcombe Horse Trials in September 2019.

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