Gemma Atkinson just wowed us with her super-healthy breakfast

The actress added seven toppings!

Now that's what we call a healthy brekkie!  Actress Gemma Atkinson shared a snap of her breakfast on her Instagram Stories, and we have to say, it looks incredibly nutritious.

In the pictures, we can see a close-up shot of Gemma's porridge bowl with an impressive array of toppings – seven to be exact. There's sliced banana, peanut butter, chia seeds, almonds and more seeds and berries.

Gemma, who shares daughter Mia with her Strictly Come Dancing dancer boyfriend Gorka Marquez, loves to work out and often shares details of her gym routine and diet.

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Gemma's healthy 'arty' breakfast bowl

Back in February, the star posted a photo of her "fave smoothie bowl" next to a list of ingredients. Gemma wrote: "@boxedoffltd vegan protein, frozen broccoli, frozen blueberries, coconut milk, ½ avocado."

The mother-of-one previously told HELLO! that she restores her energy following exercise with a nutritious, vegetable-packed smoothie. She said: "Then I'll train and I'll probably have a smoothie mid-morning with whey protein, coconut milk, almonds, frozen spinach, frozen broccoli and frozen cauliflower."

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Actress Gemma Atkinson

And, in 2019, Gemma talked her YouTube fans through her morning routine, revealing: "I always start the day with proteins, fats and fibre because the aim is to stabilise my blood sugar level first thing. If I have sugary cereals or anything like that it's going to spike my blood sugar.

"So my go-to breakfast is normally three eggs, either scrambled or in an omelette, my avocado and then some forms of greens: asparagus, kale or spinach. I've got some chicken sausages in the oven as well, just because I'm feeling a bit greedy today and I have coffee with almond milk."

Gemma added: "Sometimes after I've had my eggs if I'm still a bit hungry - which is quite rare as it does fill you up - I have 50grams of oats, again with almond milk because I love it!"

We might just take a leaf out of Gemma's book. Unhealthy lockdown diet, be gone!

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