Michelle Keegan's morning hack is just like Kate Middleton's

The Coronation Street star always looks glowing

If there's anyone we'd like to take on a brunch date, it's Michelle Keegan. Taking to Instagram to share a snap of her delicious healthy smoothie bowl on Monday, the former Coronation Street star left fans with serious food envy.

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Mark Wright's wife described her Instagram-worthy breakfast as a "big bowl of healthy mush", topped with berries, bananas, oaty granola, coconut shavings and edible flowers. Delicious!

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We've all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Could it be that Michelle's seriously healthy morning kickstart is the secret behind her glossy hair, radiant skin and a seemingly endless supply of energy? Could be! The Duchess of Cambridge is also believed to favour a nutrient-rich smoothie for breakfast, lapping up the nutritional benefits of spirulina, matcha, green tea leaves and leafy greens for healthy hair, skin and nails.

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Michelle shared the photo of her fruity breakfst

Revealing her usual morning routine to Cosmopolitan, the glamorous 34-year-old revealed that she religiously downs a pint of water before she starts her day. Shortly after, she follows it up with a coffee, but she occasionally opts for coconut milk or almond milk as a dairy-free alternative to cow's milk for health reasons.

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When she's not opting for a Kate Middleton-style smoothie bowl, Michelle previously told Women's Health, "I do like my eggs in the morning. If I was trying to be good, I'd have rye bread, avocado and scrambled egg whites." And when she's feeling naughty? "I'd have the same but with cheese on top," she said. "Melted cheese."

Michelle always looks radiant and glowing

Michelle has previously said she uses rare evenings at home as an opportunity to be healthy, but she's also partial to a treat. "I love a Chinese on a Saturday night," she shared with Cosmopolitan. "I never feel guilty when I eat cheat food because if I've been quite strict all week, I feel like I deserve it. I'm a proper foodie, I love my food."

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