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Why potato milk is the next big drink for 2022

It's bizarre, but we're here for it

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
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We've had soy, almond, oat and pea milk – now it's the turn of the potato to be turned into milk, and the exciting new drink is coming to Waitrose in February 2022.

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Potato milk is low in sugar and saturated fat, so a healthy alternative to cow's milk for those following plant-based diets. According to Waitrose' Food and Drink Report 2121-22, the new milk drink is set to dominate coffee shop menus in the coming months.

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From February, the store will sell DUG, a creamy and vegan-friendly drink made from potatoes, which has a low climate footprint and can be used just like any other milk.

We can't wait to try this new milk. Another brilliant dietary use for the humble potato!

potato milk

The DUG potato milk coming soon!

The report also points to some other fashionable foods gaining in popularity, such as Japanese Unami paste that adds depth of flavour to dishes. Sales are up 17% since 2019.

Canned fish is another winner, with everything from Ortiz tuna and Cornish pilchard fillets being a hit with shoppers. These long-life store cupboard essentials can be used in appetisers, as a snack on toast or in a salad. Sales of mackerel and anchovies rose by 17% in August 2021.

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Then there's barbecued watermelon. Who knew? Yep, cooking watermelon over hot coals brings out its sweet flavour.

In August, searches for Waitrose barbecued watermelon recipe rose by 65%. The recipe involves drizzling slices in olive oil, grill, then – once charred – adding crumbled goat’s cheese, mint leaves and the juice of a grilled lime.

Nostalgic desserts like Angel Delight and sticky toffee pudding are making a comeback. One video for school dinner cake, complete with white icing and hundreds and thousands, has been viewed 167,000 times on TikTok.

And who loves Yum Yums? Soft doughnut fingers finished with a sweet glaze. Searches for Yum Yums on jumped 317% compared to 2020.