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Saturday Kitchen Live's Olly Smith reveals the high street wines you need to know about

Wine fiends – Olly has got you covered

Tania Leslau
Tania LeslauLifestyle Writer
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Wine is a minefield within the world of cuisine. Which bottle to buy? Which flavour with which food? Which brand to go for? Luckily, wine expert and Saturday Kitchen Live presenter Olly Smith has all the answers.

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Speaking exclusively to HELLO!, Olly - who has partnered with Galaxy for their 'Ten Commandments of Eating Chocolate' campaign - revealed his go-to high street tipples and where to find the perfect wine bargain. In need of a special bottle for upcoming events or thinking ahead to Christmas? Keep scrolling to discover what beloved TV presenter Olly Smith recommends…

Are there any high street wines you swear by?

"Absolutely! For a steal of a white wine, Asda’s Wine Atlas Feteasca Regala (11.5%) is a peachy beauty from Romania for just £5. If it’s a red you’re after, Tesco Finest Peumo Carmenere 2019 (14%) mixes bold fruit with elegant spice from Chile for £8. And for fizz, M&S Etoile de Timberlay Cremant de Bordeaux Brut NV (12%) is immense quality for £10."

olly bite

Olly has partnered with Galaxy for his latest campaign

What wines do you recommend for Christmas?

"English fizz with smoked salmon, Rioja Reserva with turkey and for Christmas pud, try a sparkling Moscato from Italy - it’s like a sherbet dusting of icing sugar and nice and light to contrast with the rich pudding."

What is the number one wine tip you learned in your years as a sommelier?

"You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy good wine. You can find great quality from off the beaten track in corners of Portugal, Greece and Romania at the moment."

olly campaign

The TV star has a host of affordable wines to recommend 

"And second, my job is to listen - if you tell me your favourite flavours, what you usually enjoy and what’s on the menu, my job is to find you a wine to rock your world from a stockist of your choice without breaking the bank. "

How do you avoid a hangover?

"Drink less! A good tip is to alternate boozy drinks with non-alcoholic drinks. With so many good no and low alternatives these days, it’s a good rhythm to remember."

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Olly has also recently teamed up with Galaxy for their 10 Commandments campaign. Wine and chocolate? Name a better combo!

Tell us more about your campaign with Galaxy...

"There’s a scrumptious overlap between the world of wine and chocolate and I was intrigued as well as inspired by Galaxy’s research, and to use my experience to share hints and tips on how to maximise everyone’s enjoyment of the nation’s favourite treat - chocolate."

olly galaxy

Olly gas collated a list of good no and low alternatives to alcohol for this season

"Considering things like serving temperature, allowing the flavour to evolve and experimenting with pairings was a revelation. Who would have thought that pairing chocolate with sun-dried tomatoes or even bacon (or vegetarian bacon) is a thing?!"

"Until this campaign, I like two-thirds of the UK, was a bit of a chewer, now I’m a melter. I’ve always enjoyed using all the senses of sight, smell and texture when nibbling chocolate, these days I am also loving letting the aftertaste linger - a bit like savouring the flavour of a lovely glass of vino."

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Olly Smith has partnered with Galaxy to share the ‘Ten Commandments of Eating Chocolate’, which were created following research into the optimum conditions for chocolate consumption, which was commissioned by Galaxy and carried out by food scientist Natalie Alibrandi. To learn more about Galaxy visit: