Harper Beckham has stepped out wearing super high heels - and they're in her size

What can we say, she's starting young…

Leanne Bayley

Watch out fashion world, Harper Beckham has discovered a love of high heels. Victoria Beckham shared a photo on Instagram and in it you can see seven-year-old Harper wearing a pair of nude strappy sandals - proving that style is very much in her blood. Of course, there's no telling whether little Harper has mastered the art of walking in heels because in the snap she is being carried.


Harper Beckham wearing heels (far right) 

If anyone can help a gal out with any stiletto-wearing angst, it's her mum Victoria Beckham. Ever the pro, the former Spice Girl loves a towering stiletto, but more recently you're just as likely to find her wearing a pair of trainers or - shock! - a pair of flats.

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Harper's heels appear to fit her perfectly, and because they are quite high, we wonder if this is a special custom-made gift just for her. We wouldn't be surprised - the Beckhams have all the huge designers on speed dial, and if all else fails Victoria could even design her a pair.

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In the photo, Harper is joined by her mum, dad, older brothers and the Ramsay family. The gang were celebrating Tana Ramsay's birthday so if that isn't a reason to put on your dancing shoes, we don't know what is.

It's definitely not the first time the famous offspring has worn a heel - two years ago Victoria revealed in an interview with Seth Meyers that she is a professional when it comes to her footwear. "She has been able to run in a pair of high heels for a long time, I'm so proud!"

So there you have it, Harper is probably better than you at walking in heels.

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