Frankie Bridge reveals her top 10 winter dresses and they're all from the high street

We are crushing seriously hard

There are few things we like more than when a celebrity invites us inside their wardrobe and reveals the labels they swear by. Better still - when they just happen to be high street and ultra affordable. Frankie Bridge has just gone and ticked all the boxes by letting us into her insanely incredible walk-in wardrobe and giving the ultimate rundown of must-have winter dresses. 

As part of her new Instagram franchise, #frankiesfaves, the 29-year-old took to stories and modelled each dress she plans to rock all season long. Ranging from colourful three striped styles to zebra print, plain navy to autumn-ready plaid, the looks differed widely and the edit definitely catered to all sorts of styles. Despite the impressive selection however, the mum-of-two did say it that she didn't find it the easiest to find styles she totally loved. Talking to her followers, she said: "I've got to be honest, I really struggled and found it hard to find loads that I really liked and just to say quite a few are from Warehouse and they haven't paid me or anything, it just so happened that they were the main ones that I liked and they fitted nicely."

A girl after our own hearts, when it comes to styling it is very often the way that you find a shop that suits your style and your shape and you stick to it. However, maybe these picks will inspire you to also look outside your fashion box. Here are Frankie's top 10 winter dresses of the season - which will you snap up?

1. Zara, £29.99, not yet online

2. Warehouse, £42,

3. Marks & Spencers, £45,

4. Miss Selfridge, £49,

5. Warehouse, £49,

6. Topshop, £49,

7. Micha Lounge, £55,

8. Warehouse, £59,

9. Warehouse, £65,

10. YAS Apparel, £70,