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Lena Dunham responds to fashion shaming Instagram post

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Lena Dunham isn't afraid to stand up to her critics. The Girls star penned an articulate response to blogger Perez Hilton when he commented on the outfit she wore to the Human Rights Campaign Gala over the weekend. Posting a photo of the actress posing in a black dress and red shawl on the red carpet on his Coco Perez account, the blogger wrote: "Nice to see her trying!"

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However Lena wasn't impressed with the post, and commented that although "fashion is fun", it is not a major concern to her. "I try at a lot of things. Mostly I try at being a writer, director, actor, activist, friend, sibling, partner, godmother," Lena wrote. "Fashion is fun but sometimes I'd rather not spend three hours and lots of cash I could give to charity or spend on books and food to get ready to go out."

Lena Dunham responded to Perez Hilton's comments on this outfit

She added: "There's a lotta different ways to be a public figure and I think there's room for us to occasionally show up in public like normal people do. When I look at that picture you subjected to 'caption this' criticism, I see a day well-spent writing, reading, having tea with a friend. It's unfortunate that the days you approve of most are the ones where I'm spending the least time on what really matters. With love, Lena."

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It is not the first time Lena has stood up to her critics in recent days; she also wrote an open letter on to address the fact that her bold sartorial choices often become a "punch line" on fashion blogs. "In my public life, my outfits - at least on fashion blogs - have become something of a punch line. Internet critics constantly seem to be sighing at some shoe mismatch or moment of (perceived) delusion about my body type or just at the entire idea that I want to - gasp! -have fun," she wrote.

The actress said fashion should be fun

However Lena said she wasn't losing any sleep over the comments. "I actually enjoy reading blogs that obliterate my wrinkled sundresses and tell me my hair makes me look like an '80s cartoon (I'll analyse that in therapy later)," she continued. "Plus, this research has also allowed me to hone in on the best way to annoy people with my clothes, and I've reduced it to five simple rules. So join me, won't you? It's actually pretty fun, like a prank that never ends."

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