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Bollywood beauty Amy Jackson reveals all about her fabulous fashion sense and jet-set life

The actress has teamed up with Lipsy as the face of their VIP collection

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Bollywood star, Instagram sensation, model... there's no end to Liverpool-born actress Amy Jackson's talents. And now, the star – who splits her time between the UK and India - has teamed up with Lipsy as the face of their VIP collection. Here, the 25-year-old speaks exclusively to HELLO! about fame, filming and fashion.

You get to wear some amazing outfits as a Bollywood actress; do you love and miss them when you are not filming?

They are so full on the outfits, so over the top, but in good way- lots of bling, lots of colour, and lots of layers... they are very heavy so can sometimes be hot in Mumbai. I think a sari is one of the most beautiful things a woman can wear – it's something I love to wear but I do also like to be chilled in my track pants!

You have a very large following on Instagram of 3.2 million people – do you feel like you have a big responsibility?

Responsibility in the sense where people want to see what I'm getting up to, so yes it is important to do the right things and to show myself enjoying it and for people to be able to learn from it. I have a very different life in Liverpool to India so the difference in culture and fashion and lifestyle in general I like to incorporate on my Instagram on a day-to-day basis. I am still me at the end of the day so I like to have that aspect on Instagram and have the two different lifestyles.

You're only 25, does your popularity overwhelm you?

I have been in the film industry and acting since I was 17 when I did my first film. I have learnt my craft and I am very passionate about what I do; I am on my 12th film now! I think this year has been my best year so far career wise, but there is always room for improvement.

Where do you get recognised the most?

I get recognised most in India for sure, it's been my country of habitat. I have been living there for the past three or four years, but now I'm living in the UK I am becoming more familiar here.

What do you miss the most from home when you're working abroad?

I spend the majority of the year away, not just in India but travelling a lot for TV commercials and film shoots. But I do spend a lot of time in Mumbai shooting. The main thing I miss is my mum’s cooking for sure! My mum’s roast dinners are the best. And most definitely London for shopping. It’s amazing here for the shops. I honestly think it’s the best in the world for shopping.

You went to LA to shoot this collection with Lipsy. How was the trip?

Amazing. It was my very first time in LA. We managed to get some sightseeing in which was great – so I had a great time!

What's the best style advice you have ever received?

Probably to always feel confident in what you are wearing, to own it. You've got to feel it and it’s all about the personality and how you feel in it.

Which celeb would you like to see wearing this collection?

My style guru and someone I really look up to for fashion would probably be Victoria Beckham! She's really into pencil skirts and very tailored beautifully cut lines that are sophisticated but make women look sexy at the same time. I think that’s what Lipsy is all about too, making women feel sexy - especially with the VIP collection.

Would you say your style is influenced by Indian culture?

I think I definitely have a balance between the two. When I come back to England I like to escape and throw my track pants on and sports wear on, but when I go out I like to really get dressed up get out my heels and get really dolled up with my hair and makeup. In India I think it's totally different especially while I am shooting; its very bling, very over the top but that’s fabulous! And to have that every so often is a real treat.

Are you a heels or a flats girl?

A bit of both. For a night out most definitely heels - the higher the better! But then throughout the day, especially when I'm travelling, I do like a good pair of sneakers.

What are your top beauty tips?

It’s all about fresh dewy skin and a really nice glow – so even though this is really simple I drink lots and lots of water. Products I always make sure I use are a good face cream - prevention is cure I always believe! And I always remember to take my makeup off before bed.

Which piece from this collection would you wear on the red carpet?

There is a beautiful midnight blue gown with a slit up the side, its very sexy and totally red carpet so that would definitely be my go to piece for a special event.

What are you up to right now work wise?

I am super busy. I have just got back from Mumbai where I was shooting TV commercials and a new campaign, and beforehand we were obviously shooting in LA for Lipsy.

What would be your dream role for the future?

I would love to do an action movie so something like Lara Croft would be amazing.

Can you tell us the part Lipsy has played in your style journey?

It’s a huge deal for me to be a part of Lipsy's campaign; I have grown up with the brand ever since I was 12. In Liverpool, my friends and I loved it. The store was a really cool popular store for everyone to go to especially as we got older and started going to weddings, birthdays, nights out and especially races. Lipsy was always the go to brand so now to represent them and have my posters up and billboards in the shop windows of my hometown and all over the world is a really big deal for me! I feel very proud! It’s nice to represent something I believe in.

The VIP collection is on sale now at and in select Lipsy stores

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