Michael Kors: 'The Queen has the best sense style'

The designer revealed he would love to dress the monarch


Michael Kors has named Queen Elizabeth II as the woman he would like to outfit the most. The American fashion designer established his company in 1981 and has since gone on to win over a number of celebrity fans with his elegant designs, such as Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift.

While Kors has his choice of Hollywood stars to dress, he has admitted that the Queen is the one person he'd really enjoy outfitting should he get the chance.


"She would be my ultimate person to be able to dress," he told Harper's Bazaar of the 91-year-old royal. "To pull it off with such aplomb, it's amazing. She has total understanding of her life, her needs, what's the best part to show off... I love the consistency, I think it's brilliant. As the end of the day, consistency is what becomes style versus just fashion."

Michael Kors buying Jimmy Choo

When it comes to his longevity within the fashion business, Kors puts his success down to the fact that his clothes come in a range of shapes and sizes. For his fall/winter 2017 fashion show in March, the designer cast a diverse array of models, including Ashley Graham, Carolyn Murphy, Bella Hadid and Sohyun Jung.


"My job is to make everyone look great. Whether it's a teenager or an 84-year-old, whether it's an American size zero or an American size 16... I don't think it's like, 'Oh, if you can't fit into this box then you're not part of my club," the 58-year-old shared.

Additionally, Kors also explained that he was thrilled to have curvy model Graham walk his runway as he could show off her figure in glamorous outfits. For the show, he fit the brunette star in a tight black dress which was matched with a grey fur jacket.

"I said to Ashley when we had her fitting, 'You're an amazing beauty, everyone needs to see your body. The last thing I would do is put you in a tunic and a pair of elasticated trousers. Let's celebrate you,'" he recalled.

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