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The one item of clothing Kate Middleton has never worn as a royal

The Duchess isn't a fan…

The one item of clothing Kate Middleton has never worn as a royal

The Duchess of Cambridge never puts a foot wrong when it comes to fashion, but have you noticed there is one item of clothing we haven't seen her wear as a royal? Kate is always pictured in trousers, dresses or skirts while on duty, but never in a pair of shorts. In fact, the only time she's donned a pair in public was back in September 2008 when she attended a roller disco in London.

Kate went all out for the fancy dress Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco party, skating along in a green sequined top, bright yellow, super short shorts and neon pink leg warmers under her boots. But that was ten years ago – before her engagement and marriage to Prince William in 2011 – and we've yet to see her in a pair since.

kate middleton roller disco

Kate wore a pair of shorts in 2008, before she became a royal

It's slightly ironic given that Kate's son Prince George is only ever really pictured in shorts. According to an etiquette expert there is a very good reason for this, and it's nothing to do with fashion, but rather royal and aristocratic tradition. "Prince George is always seen in shorts because upper class and upper middle class parents believe that little boys should look like little boys, and so try to keep their offspring looking as cute and innocent for as long as possible," British etiquette coach William Hanson told HELLO! earlier this year. "It's one of the many silent class indicators we have in Britain. Trousers on young boys is considered a tad suburban and lower market."

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Kate and Meghan's fashion compared:

And while Kate is never seen in a pair of shorts, there's also another fashion rule she seems to stick to – never, wear, orange. The shade doesn't suit her, as colour analyst Gabriella Winters of Chromology UK explained to us: "I think the answer lies in DNA and Kate's awareness of how certain colours [are] less flattering compared to other colours. People absorb and reflect the same colours differently depending on their unique biological makeup. When a colour is placed adjacent to your face, it will reflect its wavelength onto you."

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kate middleton roller disco2

She was attending a roller disco party in London

To prove her point, Gabriella mocked up an image of Kate wearing an orange coat. "If you look closely, you can see a visible yellowish cast on Kate's skin when wearing that orange-red coat," she said. "This is essentially scattered orange light around her face because she could only partially absorb the temperature of this specific colour."

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