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Ben Affleck agrees to live below the poverty line on just $1.50 a day

ben affleck
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Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood most successful stars, who has amassed a combined fortune of almost $100 million with his wife Jennifer Garner. Now the actor-director is set to turn his back on his affluent lifestyle and live below the poverty line on just $1.50 a day. Ben has signed up to the Global Poverty Project's Live Below The Line awareness campaign where participants are asked to live on $1.50 for five days in a row.

Ben Affleck© Photo: Getty Images


"1.4 billion people live on less than $1.50/day," he told his fans on Twitter. "I'm joining Live #BelowTheLine on behalf of @easterncongo. Will you?"The Oscar-winner is not the only famous face taking part; Josh Groban, Avengers star Tom Hiddleston, Jonah Hill and Sophia Bush have all joined the cause, which has long been supported by one of the industry's biggest names, Hugh Jackman. The Australian actor, who sits in the Global Poverty Project's board, started working with Below The Line in 2011 and has appeared in public service announcements for the campaign.As they take on the challenge, the stars can pick up advice on how to survive from the Live Below The Line website, which offers examples and recipes to help participants. One suggestion is for individuals to work in teams to help make their money go further, while another is to spend the entire $7.50 budget at the start of the week on high-calories, affordable food like rice and pasta.

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