'I've never taken acting classes': Irina Shayk talks about her film debut


Footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo's supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk has opened up about her silver screen debut in upcoming action film Hercules.

The stunning brunette plays the role of Megara, Hercules' wife, opposite Dwayne Johnson, also known as wrestler The Rock, who stars as the Greek demi-god.

Dwayne Johnson and Irina Shayk Hercules

Irina Shayk and Hercules co-star Dwayne Johnson at Trafalgar Square following a preview of the film in London

"It was a really great experience," revealed Irina at the film's preview. "Especially as I've never taken acting classes in my life".

Russia-born Irina, who has been dating Cristiano for four years, added that she was glad she "didn't have to memorise a lot of lines" as she only speaks "some English".

The 28-year-old described being onset as 'fun', and revealed that she had bonded with her fellow cast members, including actors John Hurt and Ian McShane. "To be on set with these amazing people was a dream come true," she said.  

The stunning model, who has fronted campaigns all over the world, admitted that she enjoyed doing something 'different' to photoshoots.


"Most of the time when I do shoots, they try to make you really pretty," she said. "You have to look your best. I loved the set, being covered in mud and fake blood - it was different and fun!"

The film's director, Brett Ratner, said that he was impressed at Irina's enthusiasm and determination. "There was a scene with a disgusting ravine that nobody wanted to walk in," he remembered, laughing. "I told Irina she had to go and lay down in this ravine, expecting her to be grossed out, but instead she said, 'Okay!' and did it!"

"When it came to choosing who to play Hercules' wife, we needed someone of great beauty, poise and sophistication," he added. "We searched all over the world, and met Irina – she's a Russian superstar."