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Spencer and Lauren's relationship on the brink in MIC episode 7

lauren spencer
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Made in Chelsea kicked off on Monday with a gleeful Jamie Laing inviting his friends to a ski trip to cool off from all the drama in Chelsea recently. While Binky Felstead and Lucy were initially reluctant to holiday with their new dates and a big group of friends, a text from JP and James agreeing to attend soon the girls more than happy to grab their ski gear.Across town, Sam Thompson and Toff enjoyed a spot of exercise through the streets of Kensington with Sam admitting that he was excited for his date with Millie that evening."Pursue her but don't be too over the top. I actually think you might be able to pull this off," said Toff before bumping into a miserable-looking Jess who revealed all about her drama with Alex and Nicola.A passionate Spencer Matthews and Lauren were spotted taking salsa classes to ignite a bit of romance in the relationship before Jamie abruptly interrupted their steamy moves.


Lauren and Spencer's relationship has been threatened by Spencer's developing frienship with Lucy Watson

Jamie urged Spencer to come skiing with their friends but forgot to mention that Lucy was attending until the last minute, knowing full well that Lauren may forbid Spencer from seeing her enemy."Darling, I'm going skiing with Jamie and Lucy is going to be there," Spencer joked, practicing what he was going to say to Lauren to break the news.Taking some time out of their busy schedule to relax and indulge themselves, Nicola and Alex spent a night in a hotel but it wasn't long before Nicola brought up their awkward conversation with Jess last week, especially as Alex didn't defend her."If I believe it's the right opinion, I'll stick up for it," said Alex, much to Nicola's annoyance.Feeling that it might be too soon to go on holiday with JP, Binky called Louise to invite her to go skiing with her as she wanted to share a bed with her best friend and not JP, just yet. However, Louise's boyfriend Alik Alfus was disappointed that he wasn't invited by his best friend Jamie.That evening, Sam and Millie spent the evening making cocktails at his house with his date admitting that he was impressed with his drink-making skills.While romance was developing at Sam's, the love was dimming between Lauren and Spencer as he admitted that he was going on holiday with his friends and his ex, Lucy Watson would be there.

lauren spencer

Lauren has been living with Spencer Matthews for several months

Clearly unhappy with his revelation, Lauren joked about calling up her ex to go on holiday with him."If you want to act like a spoilt brat I'll break up with you," said Spencer to his shocked girlfriend. "I wanted to spend a few days with my mates," he added before Lauren said that if the shoe was on the other foot, it would be a very different situation.Over in France, the friends hit the slopes with the boys enjoying some extreme sports and the girls sipping on champagne and eating cheese watching their beaus. Unhappy with the way JP was acting so flippant, Binky admitted that although she was chilled about their relationship, his lack of texting and communication was disappointing.Back in London, Millie told Nicola that Jess had said that she was impressed that Alex understood her and stuck up for her in front of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Alex texted Jess while she was out having drinks with Sam, Alik and Tom but his lack of kisses made her doubt that meeting up would end positively.

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Nicola is dissappointed that Alex didn't defend her in an argument with Jess last week

As the MIC cast enjoyed an evening of swimming in the Alps, Spencer approached Lucy and said that he was upset that he hadn't been able to spend time with her and didn't want Lauren getting in the way of their friendship. "I've personally just had enough of it," he said before Lucy said that she was sad that, as a friend, they haven't spoken but that she was proud of his faithful ways now."I want to be friends with you here and back in London, with or without her blessing," he said while Lauren told the girls that she thought Spencer had lost "his balls" in sticking up for her and was making her think that she should join them on the slopes.The next day, Spencer received a call from Lauren who said that if he stayed in France, he shouldn't expect to see her when he returned to London. That night, Alik, Sam and Alex went out for drinks and the conversation soon turned towards Alex defending Jess but much to the boys' surprise, Alex was going to admit to her that he regretted not putting his girlfriend first and had to end their friendship."At the time, I thought the whole thing was silly but Nicola is still annoyed and she comes first," he admitted while Jess was clearly upset and thought he was being childish in stopping their friendship, given their history.Back in France, the friends talked about Spencer abruptly leaving France and Lucy admitted that she understood why he had to leave but thought that she needed to talk it out with Lauren once and for all to clear the air before things got worse.When Spencer arrived back in London, he showed up at his flat and found Lauren packing up her belongings. "Lucy only wants to be friends with you," he said, emphasising that Lucy was 100 per cent supportive of his relationship with Lauren.

"You mean a lot more to me than a girlfriend ever has but it's not going to work unless we give each other more space," he said before going to bed while his girlfriend starting crying.Made in Chelsea returns next Monday at 9pm on E4.