4th Impact's Celina makes recovery after dramatic on-stage collapse

Fans of The X Factor will be pleased to know that 4th Impact singer Celina has recovered after she collapsed on stage on Sunday night, moments after the after the girl group were eliminated from the competition,

The band used Twitter to reassure fans Celina is feeling better. Thanking the public for their support, they added, "Celina is ok now, thanks for all your prayers and love".

Celina was treated by paramedics on Sunday evening after she became unwell. Mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was comforting the sisters following their exit, when the young singer blacked out. Shocked Cheryl shouted for help, and two producers raced on to help carry Celina backstage.

4th Impact's Celina being taken to an ambulance on Sunday night

"Celina was taken unwell after the show came off air," a spokesperson for the X Factor told the Mirror. "An ambulance was called and she was seen by medics at the studio.

"She has since gone home to rest with her mother and her sisters."

An audience member revealed: "Everyone was saying their goodbyes to the girls and then Celina suddenly hit the floor. Her sisters were shocked and Cheryl started calling for people to help.

"Two men ran on stage and carried Celina backstage, she looked lifeless."

4th Impact were eliminated from the competition after a sing-off with Lauren Murray

Cheryl was clearly still shaken up when she was joined by Rochelle Humes to film the Xtra Factor a short while later. Asked where the girls were, Cheryl confirmed that Celina was being treated by paramedics.

She added: "I could see her, and I was talking to her and she wasn't engaging. I pulled her in closer to ask if she was alright and she just went, she passed out. She's fine, she's being sorted out, her family's here."

It's not the first time Celina has collapsed on the show – she passed out backstage just a few weeks ago and host Olly Murs had to get a chair for her to sit on while on stage.