Killing Eve: Questions that need answering in season two

We need answers!

Emmy Griffiths

Now that Bodyguard is over, it seems like that the show that everyone is talking about is Killing Eve – the smash hit BBC America drama which has finally crossed the pond and is airing weekly on BBC One, with the whole series also on iPlayer. So for fans who have already bingewatched the entire series (and if Twitter is anything to go by, there are a lot of them), they have been left with many questions for season two. So what are the most pressing mysteries to be solved in the next series? Find out here…

Who are the Twelve?

"What number are you? Number 12?" Little does Villanelle know (or care) but she has been assassinating people for the good of 'The Twelve', a mysterious group of people we, as of yet, know very little about. All we know is that there is a method to their murders and that they have their people everywhere – like Konstatine in Russian intelligence. We can safely assume we'll be hearing a lot more about the elusive group in season two.


What 'awful' thing happened to Villanelle when she was young?

When Eve tells Villanelle that she thinks something awful happened to her, she already has a good idea of the type of person she is, and Villanelle says or does nothing to hint that she is wrong. So just what happened to Villanelle for her to become a psychopath, become obsessed with Anna and begin killing off whoever she likes? Then again, we could well be wrong and she could have been born this way…


Can Carolyn be trusted?

"They're no more slippery than we are, I suppose." Carolyn is great buddies with Russian intelligence, who she reveals she has known for over ten years, and it is strongly hinted that she has a romantic relationship with Konstantin – but whose side is she really on? Not to mention that she had a one-to-one interview with Villanelle herself – losing the trust of both Eve AND her son.


Are Nico and Eve going to stay together?

Thanks to how dangerous Eve's new job is, and how much she has been keeping from him (while also neglecting their relationship), it seems fair enough that he would be fed up with the relationship, and Eve herself tells Villanelle that she's lost her husband over this chase. But that aside, we like the safe, nice Nico! Can't the pair work it out?


How will Villanelle get her revenge?

The last we saw of Villanelle was her fleeing her own apartment after Eve stabbed her in the stomach. Needless to say, we doubt that our favourite psychopath isn't going to let that one slide. After all, she murdered Bill for a bit of fun, ran over Nadia – who did literally nothing wrong – and tried to kill the only person she appeared to care about – Konstantin. So we're guessing Eve trying to kill her won't go unpunished…


Why is Villanelle obsessed with big hair?

We know that she developed an obsession with her former teacher, Anna, who has a lot of hair, and similarly becomes transfixed with Eve's head of curly locks. Even random people on the street who have a big head of hair has her turning her head. So what is the deal with her love of bouncy curls?


What shampoo DOES she use?

"I think about you all the time," Eve said in the finale. "I think about what you're wearing, and what you're doing, and who you're doing it with. I think about the friends you have, I think about what you eat before you go to work, and what shampoo you have, and what happened in your family. I think about your eyes and your mouth, and what you feel when you kill someone, I think about what you have for breakfast. I just want to know everything." So our main question, and probably the most important is – what shampoo DOES she use?!

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