Coronation Street teases huge shock in Christmas special

Are you looking forward to the Christmas special?

According to Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod, fans of the popular soap will be left in shock at the end of the Christmas episode. Chatting about the upcoming storyline, Iain revealed that the story will continue from the recent explosive episodes, which included the Connor family are met with disaster after trying to escape Ronan, and Sinead and Daniel tie the knot in an impromptu ceremony. Chatting at a Q&A attended by HELLO!, he said: "The seeds of the biggest stories for Christmas [are in recent episodes], without giving too much away. I wanted it to be a Christmassy Christmas."

Are you looking forward to the Christmas special?

He continued: "Obviously there's a history in soap of trying to do the Angie and Den Christmas where it's all acrimony and divorce papers and vitriol. It's not really my preference when you sit down as you try and digest your stuffing balls and sprouts. You need it to be warm and light-hearted in places and to reek of Christmas. So it will be a Christmassy Christmas."

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However, Iain hinted that it wouldn't be a happy Christmas for everyone, as there will be some tragic storylines. He added: "It will have some big heartbreaking stories within that, there will be a big shock at the end and hopefully it'll be a surprising pay off to some of the stories you've just seen the inception of." Kym also opened up about filming recent Corrie scenes, in which her character Michelle breaks down when her son, Ryan, is hit by a car in a moment of revenge. She told HELLO!: "It was like four, five days [of filming]. There was such a lot of screaming and shouting from me. It was great because I went back to my Wigan roots for that! It was great, but I kind of lost my voice, my throat was really sore. It was quite a full on, intense period of time."

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