Tom Jones reveals what makes him feel guilty on The Voice

Tom Jones admitted feeling guilty after watching the premiere of the new series

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Tom Jones has opened up about feeling guilty in his role as a judge on The Voice. During the press launch of the popular singing competition on Wednesday, the It's Not Unusual singer admitted that he felt he'd made a mistake by not choosing one particular contestant, and even shouted at himself to press the button while watching the first episode.


Tom admitted he felt guilty not pressing his button 

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When asked if he felt guilty after watching the rejected contestants in the first episode of the show, he said: "Yes… The fella was so good as well, I did say it, he didn't do anything wrong… it's just something to take him over the top. What that is I don't know but I didn't hear it. But listening to him again, we only get one shot at it! You hear it once and there's no time to review it, you can't think, 'Let me think about that', you either do it or they're gone. And that's what happened today when I saw that singer, just listening to him sing and I thought, 'Why the hell didn't you press the button,' and I shouted in the thing, 'Press the button you mug!'"


Tom is a mentor on the show alongside Olly Murs, Jennifer Hudson and

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Addressing his fellow judges during the Q&A, he added: "We should have turned for him. I just don’t understand it. That's why I shouted out [during the episode]. Press the button! It was a mistake. He had the whole package." Speaking about what sort of singers he usually looks for on the show, he added: "I tend to go for singer singers. Solid. I tend to but not always. Sometimes I hear a sweet voice that doesn't have to be big... so there's all kinds but it has to hit me. It has to come across as being real."

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