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Call the Midwife fans left heartbroken after shocking twist

Don't let them take Mae!

Emmy Griffiths

Call the Midwife fans were left devastated after a heartbreaking twist involving Doctor Turner and Shelagh's foster daughter, Mae. Although the little girl was settling into the life in Poplar with her new family, the adoption agency got in touch with the couple to tell them that they had found a permanent home for her, and that they would be taking their foster daughter away, leaving the couple bereft.


Fans want Doctor Turner and Shelagh to adopt Mae

Fans were quick to discuss the plot twist, with one person tweeting: "Let them adopt her. And eh, you're wrong. A child does remember certain things from childhood. #CallTheMidwife," while another person wrote: "Children start forming concrete memories from around the age of 2/3. May will definitely remember her time with the Turner's and the attachments she formed with them." A third person praised the emotional episode, writing: "This week's #CallTheMidwife was an absolute masterclass. The sort of episode that places you in emotional peril from several angles, and progressively fills your heart with love until it overflows. There's too much to love from this week to even start getting into in one tweet."

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However, all was not lost in the end, as the Turners found out that they may be able to adopt little Mae after all. Speaking about the storyline, another fan wrote: "The day little May has to leave the Turners is going to kill me, I don't want her to leave." Call the Midwife was recently met with controversy after the BBC didn't include information about abortion on their Action Line site following a sensitive episode of the series that looked at the issue. Although they suggested visiting the website following the episode, fans were angry to discover there was no details on the site on the sensitive topic. However, they have now confirmed that they have added a link with information for viewers of the show.

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