Gordon Ramsay reveals exciting family news involving his children

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Gordon Ramsay made a big announcement about his family on Instagram on Friday – and it’s good news! The star chef posted a video of himself, his daughter Matilda and son Jack taking part in a poolside barbeque cook-off with special guest Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family competing to win a gold trophy and the honour of their family. 

In the video, Matilda boasts that her teammate Eric is a “barbeque master” but Gordon is undaunted, declaring “I can’t wait to kick your bottom.” We then see Eric and Matilda grill some chicken while Gordon and Jack pioneer an unusual technique to flatten their meat, which involves placing steaks between two baking trays and then standing on them before they start cooking. Eric isn’t impressed by their process, commenting, “Those look nice and burnt,” to which Jack responds, “It’s called crust.” 

Gordon and his wife Tana have five children together

Apart from making his followers’ mouths water, the point is to share that Matilda’s show Matilda and the Ramsey Bunch returned to CBBC on Friday, kicking off the start of series five. Filming takes place in and around the Ramsey family’s gorgeous Los Angeles home and Matilda, who is 17, has hosted it since 2015. 

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Her dad has been dishing up recipes and his signature foul-mouthed insults since the ‘90s but rose to global fame after the launch of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares in 2004 and Matilda looks set to follow suit, albeit with a much sunnier attitude (perhaps due to splitting her time between London and L.A).


Gordon shot to TV fame in 2004

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Gordon and his wife Tana, a Montessori teacher-turned-cookbook author, have three other children: Megan, 21, Jack’s twin, 19-year old Holly, and baby Oscar, who was born on 4 April. Their youngest is an especially happy addition to the family after Tana suffered a miscarriage in June 2016. He could also be a new friend for Gordon, who told Jonathon Ross during an appearance on his show that it was difficult when he dropped Jack off at university. “I was a mess. My best mate has just left me,” he confessed.

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