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Do the new Game of Thrones photos hint that Daenerys is turning into the mad Queen?

Do you want Daenerys to become the Mad Queen?

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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The new photos of the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones have been released, and appear to show Daenerys looking worse-for-wear and devastated ahead of the battle of King's Landing, causing fans to think that she might finally be turning into the 'mad queen'. Some viewers have suggested that Daenerys would eventually become a despotic ruler, like her father, for a long time now, and season eight has so far appeared to support the theory. Even in the last episode, Varys and Tyrion discussed her state of mind following the great war, with Varys hinting that Jon Snow would be a better ruler for the realm.

thrones 1© Photo: Sky

Jon arriving in King's Landing with Varys

However, the moment that appeared to seal Daenerys' fate as the 'mad queen' took place at the end of the episode, when she was forced to watch her best friend and advisor, Missandei, executed by the Mountain on Cersei's orders. Missandei's last words were "Dracarys", which is the instruction Dany gives to her dragons to breathe fire. As such, it's clear that Missandei is telling the Mother of Dragons to burn King's Landing - and Dany's look of fury after her friend's death hints that she is planning to do just that.

thrones jon© Photo: Sky

The new photos suggest there will be a battle in episode five

It appears that Varys may also have chosen to support Jon instead of Dany, as another photo shows them walking together after Jon arrives in King's Landing. A third snap reveals the 'last war' beginning between Daenerys and Cersei, as the army of Unsullied gather at the gates of King's Landing in order to fight.

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While some fans predicted that Dany might become the 'mad queen', others are unhappy about the potential development, with one writing: "Love or hate Dany she’s being done SO dirty. She saved the entire North and the Starks and nobody even said thanks and now she’s lost almost everyone’s she loves. She deserves better. If they do this Mad Queen [expletive] I’ll be so disappointed. I hope we are being mislead."

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