Public outrage as free TV licence for millions of over-75s scrapped

Do you think this decision is fair?

Emmy Griffiths

BBC has been met by a huge backlash after announcing plans to scrap free TV licences for pensioners over the age of 75. The new rules now state that only low-income households where one person receives a pension will be eligible for a free licence. Speaking about their decision, the BBC director general Tony Hall said: "This has not been an easy decision. Whilst we know that pensioner incomes have improved since 2000, we also know that for some the TV licence is a lot of money… I believe we have reached the fairest judgment after weighing up all the different arguments."


Do you agree with the decision?

Prime Minister Theresa May has been among those to express her disappointment about the decision, with a spokesperson for the government saying: "We've been clear that we want and expect the BBC to continue this concession. People across the country value television as a way to stay connected, and we want the BBC to look at further ways to support older people."


Piers spoke about his anger regarding the decision

Piers Morgan also expressed his anger over the news on Good Morning Britain, saying: "I am absolutely hopping mad about this TV licence business. I'm hoping mad on behalf of 3.75 million pensioners now woken up to this. I'll tell you what I really feel incensed about, do you know who that number includes? It includes all the D-Day veterans, the ones we’ve just spent a week saluting. The ones Theresa May went up and shake their hands. What’s the first thing we do to those veterans when they get back from their week of commemoration? We sting them with a bill now for a licence fee they have had for free for 20 years. It’s absolutely disgusting."


BBC will scrap free TV licences for over-75s

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The public also took to Twitter to discuss the news, with one writing: " It's outrageous that the #bbc is scrapping free #TVlicence for all over 75s. The licence fee is way too high and you should be able to opt out of receiving BBC services instead of being hunted down like a criminal if you don't pay." Another person added: "The @bbc wants to remove the free #TVLicence for all over 75s, potentially pushing 3.7m pensioners into poverty & potential isolation. Some pensioners rely on a tv to break the loneliness. I understand programs need to be funded but this is a multi-billion pound corporation!"

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