Are Love Island's Danny and Yewande going to split up in Wednesday's episode?

Are Danny and Yewande on the rocks?

Emmy Griffiths

It looks like there will be trouble in paradise for Danny and Yewande on Wednesday night's episode of Love Island. After an awkward couple of days between the couple, it looks like Yewande is starting to pull away from her new coupling. Speaking to Anton and Tom, Curtis admitted that he didn't think Yewande was "feeling" their relationship, leaving her to admit that she found his need for reassurance "frustrating".


Are the couple in trouble?

After Curtis mentioned to the Islander that Danny was unsure how much she liked him, Yewande explained: "That is the only frustrating thing with Danny. I just feel like he always needs reassurance. I’m not going to tell you every day that I really like you. It’s never going to happen." Danny reflected on the moment, explaining: "It’s not easy for me. I’ve really made my intentions clear but I am a bit dejected tonight."

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Danny spoke to the boys about his relationship

While Danny and Yewande look like they might be on the rocks, Amber and Michael's relationship has grown stronger than ever after going on their first date together! Chatting about how their relationship is going, Amber said: "I do really like you. It’s working out really nicely now. If we stay the way that we are, I can see it lasting the duration and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work on the outside as well. I just feel like we’re compatible on another level." Michael added: "From getting to know you, I’ve just realised that me and you are so alike. It just felt so natural… I’ve noticed it over the last couple of days! You’ve been getting closer to me and wanting to be around me. I find myself wanting to be next to you, just so you know I’m there."

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