6 questions we have after the Big Little Lies season two finale

There are so many questions to wrap up!

Emmy Griffiths

The finale of Big Little Lies season two premiered on Monday, and although the series tied up plenty of the storylines, including the custody of twins Maxwell and Joshua and Jane's budding love storyline with Corey, we still have plenty of questions! Check out some of the most pressing queries we had after the series wrapped up…

Was Renata's husband… okay?

The last we saw of Renata's husband Who Must Not Be Named, he was being walloped in the chest with a cricket bat. While we don't think Renata murdered him (although it would have been borderline reasonable at this point), his precious train collection and toys were wrecked, he owed thousands, was on bail and we think it's safe to say that Renata was divorcing him. Rock bottom? Rock bottom.


Did Abigail go to university?

Madeline's daughter's decision to forego university was a huge plot point… in the early episodes of the series. In the latter half, Abigail's college plans take a backseat, and instead they become more of a catalyst to Madeline's own problems. Madeline realises that her own feelings of inadequacy stem from not going to college, and is projecting her problems on Abigail. We're glad that Madeline made a journey of self-discovery but STILL. Did Abigail go to college or didn't she?


What will happen to Bonnie?

In the season two finale, Bonnie finally made the decision to confess that she was the one who pushed Perry down the stairs at the school's fundraiser event. Arriving at the police station, she is joined by the rest of the Monterey Five, but we never find out the aftermath of her confession. The big question is, will she really get in trouble for killing Perry in self-defence? Will we be getting yet another intense court case in a potential season three?


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Will the rest of the Monterey Five be in trouble?

Of course, Bonnie's confession means that the rest of the women – Celeste, Renata, Jane and Madeline – also have their lies exposed, since they all testified that Perry fell down the stairs during a scuffle. As such, the five could potentially be charged with plenty of things, including obstruction of justice. We're wondering where this could possibly head, especially when Celeste just won the custody of her twins.


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How will Ed react to the revelation about Perry?

After finding out about Madeline's affair, season two has been all about the couple working on their marriage. They even renewed their vows under the agreement that there would be no more secrets between them, and yet Madeline still hadn't told him about the most important thing going on in her life; that she was complicit in covering up a murder. Since the five arrive at the police station to confess that they lied, Ed will be finding out about the situation soon enough, and after an entire season of them rebuilding their relationship, it seems odd that we'll never find out how this crucial conversation goes down.


Will there be a season three?

The president of HBO, Casey Bloys, has revealed that there are no plans for a season three… yet. Speaking to TV Line, he said: "I love this group of people — I would do anything with them. The reality is, they are some of the busiest actresses working in Hollywood. I just think it's not realistic."

Big Little Lies Season 2 is available on digital download now.