The full-length trailer for BBC's His Dark Materials is HERE and fans already can't wait

How good do the daemons look?

Fans of His Dark Materials might not have long to wait for the BBC adaptation, as the full-length trailer has finally been released! The series, which is an adaptation from Philip Pullman's bestselling novels, follows a young girl named Lyra, who becomes embroiled in a terrifying adventure after realising that children all over the country are going missing.

Lin-Manuel Miranda will play Lee Scoresby

The trailer features the all-star cast, including stars James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ruth Wilson and Dafne Keen, as they find themselves drawn into "a war raging… with the Magesterium." Fans were quick to praise the trailer, particularly the CGI rendering of the daemons (animals which accompany each person in the alternative universe). One person wrote: "Looks incredible. Bless whoever did the CGI on the dæmons, they look extraordinary. THANK YOU, HBO & BBC!" Another person added: "There is my cute fluffy bear!!!! This trailer gave me chills. Can't wait for this to release!"

A third person tweeted: "In a week where Cats and The Lion King left us questioning the merits of tech 'improving' animals on screen, can we PLEASE thank @darkmaterials for serving panserbjørn realness with Iorek Byrnison in the #HisDarkMaterials trailer? Now, can I get that in plush form please?"

Fans praised the CGI

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Speaking about how they have changed the show from the book, director Otto Bathurst told Metro: "[His Dark Materials] has been interesting, as we are twisting that a little bit. We're not twisting it, but we are modernising it a little bit, making it feel a little bit more accessible. The books are quite Victoriana in their fantasy, but it's pretty on the nose – there are a lot of fans of that book and it's a great book so why mess with it?"

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