Outlander season five release date revealed and fans won't be pleased!

It's so far away!

It looks like fans are going to have to wait a while for the new season of Outlander! Although season five of the hugely popular show began filming in April 2019, Starz network boss Jeffrey Hirsch has confirmed that the series won't be released on Amazon Prime until early 2020.

Claire won't be back until 2020

Chatting at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, he said: "The delay is mainly due to scheduling at the network. The decision behind everything that we do in terms of our programming schedule, obviously, is based on delivery schedules. We try to have something on the air to serve that premium female audience. So we have some shows coming before that serve the Power audience."

Outlander has a huge fan base

The new season of Outlander is thought to be loosely based on the fifth novel in Diana Galbadon's Outlander series, The Fiery Cross, which sees Brianna and Roger attempt to adjust to 18th century life with Bree's parents, Claire and Jamie, at Fraser's Ridge. In the season four finale, Jamie is instructed to form a militia to bring down the rebels in the area, which happened to include his friend, Murtagh.

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Fans took to Twitter to discuss the 2020 release date, with one writing: "Because this level of excellence takes time!" Another person added: "I am here for as much Jamie and Claire as I can get!! So excited!! Thank you for this amazing look upgrade - fantastic job by all respective departments." Viewers of the popular show have also been speculating whether season five will finally be the season we find out why Jamie's ghost appears outside Claire's window in the 1940s. Diana Gabaldon previously opened up about the moment on her website, explaining: "The ghost is Jamie - but as for how it fits into the story, all will be explained - in the last book."

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