Love Island's Molly-Mae and Tommy reveal how they REALLY feel about coming second place

Molly-Mae and Tommy were a couple for 54 days…

Jenni McKnight

Love Island has finally come to an end after two months on our TV screens – and while many viewers thought Molly-Mae and Tommy had the win in the bag, they were shocked when it was actually Amber and Greg who were crowned the 2019 winners. Although Maura may have admitted she thought it should have been the 20-year-old and her boxer beau who won the £50K cash prize, they revealed they couldn't be happier to see Amber and Greg take home the glory.

Chatting to HELLO! and other reporters, the runners-up confessed that there is absolutely "no bitterness" towards their former fellow islanders, who won despite only being a couple for 12 days compared to Molly-Mae and Tommy's 54-day romance. "We're really happy for Amber and Greg at the end of the day, they've been in there a short amount of time together but they're incredible together," Molly-Mae said. "Greg's an amazing guy and treats Amber like gold and Amber's an incredible girl and she had a really hard time in the villa – so you know what, we're both really happy for them. We think everyone is."


Amber and Greg won after just 12 days together

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Touching on the subject further when asked about their shorter romance, Molly-Mae added: "There's no annoyance at all. Time is nothing, you can be with someone a few days and it feels like you've known them forever. It doesn't matter about time – yeah Tommy and I have been in there from the start but it doesn't matter, Amber and Greg won, they deserved it, they're incredible together and there's absolutely no bitterness or anything at all."


Tommy and Molly-Mae came runners-up

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The 20-year-old also responded to persistent claims from viewers that she was being "fake" in the villa. She explained: "It's hard to comment as I've been myself. As for being fake, Tommy knows how I feel about him, I know how I feel about Tommy. At the end of the day, we made it to the final and had I been fake we definitely wouldn't have made it that far. The people that really matter to me know how I feel about Tommy and that's all that matters. At the end of the day, we weren’t in there to win. We came second. It's incredible. It's not a big deal."

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