Taylor Swift reveals HUGE news about tour plans – and fans won't be pleased!

Thought you were seeing Taylor at Wembley? Think again!

Emmy Griffiths

Taylor Swift has opened up about her tour plans after releasing her amazing new album, Lover, and fans might not be pleased! Chatting on On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Taylor revealed that she hasn't decided whether to do a stadium tour, as she wants the gigs to feel more intimate. She explained: "My goal for whatever live setting that we decide to do things in... I'm going to try to make it smaller and feel like a living room as much as I possibly can."


Taylor performed at the MTV VMAs in August

She continued: "I literally just took my tights off and my thigh-high boots off from the last tour ... I really can't feel like my life is just album… tour… album… tour… album… tour… album… tour… I want to give them 113% every show so I need for it to be in a way that feels right." However, Swifties can be assured that she will tour with the album in some way, as she added: "I definitely want to give the fans the opportunity and give me the opportunity to vibe with them on these songs in a live setting and see them sing the words back, but I don't really know exactly what way that’s going to happen."

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Taylor might not have arena tours for Lover

She added: "This album is different because people are seeming to get this album on a first listen basis which is so wonderful. I can’t even tell you how much easier that is." Taylor also chatted about her reaction to the album's release, and revealed that the reviews for the new album have been the best of her career so far. "It was this incredible experience," she said. "And then all of a sudden what happens at midnight is the reviews start posting because these journalists have heard the album beforehand… So the reviews started hitting and all of a sudden, I'm like, 'These are the best reviews I've ever gotten my entire career.' Like, my hands were on my face. I was fully in shambles … I was like on the floor."

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