Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead struggles with her illness

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In next week's Coronation Street, Sinead arranges a visit to a hospice, Bernie's gutted whe Kel leaves, and Billy tells Sean to cut Paul some slack. Find out what else to expect from next week's episodes here...

Monday 16 September part one

Paul's disgusted to hear about Bernie's pregnancy test scam and that she's back with her old boyfriend Kel, who Paul last saw when he was fourteen. Paul resolves to come up with a plan to get rid of them both. Later, an angry man calls at No.5, claiming to have fallen victim to a hoax pregnancy and vowing to go to the police. Chesney orders Bernie to pack her bags with Gemma's support. In the Rovers, Paul comes face to face with his mum's ex. Bernie announces she and Kel are getting back together. Kel catches up with Paul in the Rovers' yard and asserts that what happened between them in the past was special but he's committed to Bernie this time.

Sinead arranges a visit to a hospice as she's considering her options. After being showed round, Daniel admits that as her husband he wants to care for Sinead at home to the bitter end. Meanwhile, after an exhausting night nursing Ali through his withdrawal, Robert nips out to work leaving Ryan to keep watch over him. But when Ryan heads for a shower, Ali slips out of the flat.

Elsewhere, in the Rovers, there's a spark between Izzy and Derek. With Gary away, Nick forces a reluctant Derek to sign the rental agreement for the factory. Jenny makes a fuss of Adam as he moves into the Rovers to give the Osbournes space. Aggie wants to throw a housewarming party to make friends with the locals.

Monday 16 September part two

Bernie's gutted when Kel leaves, blaming Paul for making him feel unwelcome meanwhile Billy quizzes Gemma about Paul's feud with Kel. Gemma reveals they used to be inseparable until one day Paul flipped, making everyone's lives a misery and causing Bernie and Kel to split. Billy is concerned when he learns Paul was fourteen and later asks Paul outright what went on. Paul furiously orders Billy to never come near him again.

Sinead assures Daniel that any decision on where to spend her final days will be in the best interests of him and Bertie but back home from her chemo session, an exhausted Sinead is sick in a bucket while Bertie cries in his bedroom.

Ali struggles to conceal the symptoms of his withdrawal to a knowing Toyah in the cafe. Toyah tells him that whenever he's ready to talk about his problems, she's willing. Elsewhere, Ed puts his foot down about the house party however devious Aggie reveals to her sons the party will instead be a surprise birthday bash for Ed and that their sister has agreed to fly in for Ed's party. Derek's horrified to learn that Gary's the father of Izzy's son and, while Izzy returns to work, Derek knocks back a drink.

Wednesday 18 September part one

Sinead's still suffering from sickness after her chemo and as Sinead sleeps, Beth bemoans to Daniel that Sinead is too tired and sick to be with Bertie. When Sinead wakes, she's too weak to hold Bertie and Daniel suggests she should stop having chemo.

Bethany drops her coffee in the street and James hurries to her aid and listens as she explains she's upset for Daniel. When Audrey tackles her about her feelings for Daniel, Bethany maintains they are just friends. The Bailey boys have lunch in the Bistro. Bethany thanks James for his kindness and Ed and Michael suggest James asks her out. To shut them up, James lies that he already has a date lined up with Bethany.

Billy tells Sean to cut Paul some slack but later when Paul's tetchy with Sean and Izzy in the community centre, Sean tells Paul that Billy is worried about him. Paul storms out. Elsewhere, Ali bottles out of returning to work and Ryan pleads with him to attend a support group. Izzy's curious when Derek asks to meet her later for a talk.

Wednesday 18 September part two

Sinead accuses Daniel of wanting her to die sooner because he can't cope. Daniel turns up for work, desperate to escape the atmosphere at home. Sinead's hair falls out as Beth brushes it. Sinead regrets her harsh words to Daniel. Sinead declares she's going to try one more round of chemo and if she still feels dreadful, it will be her last.

Bethany agrees to a drink with James. Audrey's surprised to see Bethany on a date with James in the Rovers. Bethany agrees to join James at Ed's surprise party. Meanwhile, Billy asks Paul to talk to him about Kel but Paul is sick of Billy. Billy seeks advice from David and David advises Billy that he can't force someone to confide while they are in denial. When Billy tells Paul he's going to back off, Paul accuses Billy of abandoning him, leaving Billy unsure what to do next.

Elsewhere, Derek confesses to Izzy that he has a terrible drink problem and when Izzy offers to support Derek in his battle against the booze, he asks her on a date. Toyah recommends professional help to Ali after seeing him overwhelmed in the street but he remains reluctant.

Friday 20 September – one hour episode

Aggie gets a text from Dee-Dee to say she can't make it. Bethany, Cathy, Dev, Eileen and Steve assemble at the house and when Ed arrives he is greeted by his guests. Michael's unsurprised by Dee-Dee's no-show. A drunken Daniel tucks into the rum punch but when Bethany checks he's OK, he gives her a scathing reply. James follows upset Bethany into the backyard and touched by his kindness, Bethany leans in for a kiss but is mortified when James resists. Bethany makes to leave so James blurts out that he's gay.

Humiliated, Bethany heads for the front door. James calls at Bethany's flat and begs her to understand he can't come out publicly because it would be impossible to be an openly gay, black footballer due to some fans' prejudice. Bethany softens when James apologises for using her. Back at the party, Michael tries to talk to James about Bethany but James laughs it off as a tiff.

Back from visiting Nicola and Zack, Gary's seething to learn from Nick that Derek's been signing contracts granting rent reductions in his absence. Meanwhile, Gary berates Derek for signing paperwork without him and menacingly orders him to finish with Izzy. When Derek tries to let Izzy down gently, claiming it's awkward for him to date Gary's ex, oblivious Izzy points out he's Gary's boss and can do as he likes. Meanwhile, Sinead urges Daniel to attend the Baileys' party and later, Jenny finds Daniel drinking alone in Victoria Gardens, she drags him to the party. As Daniel dances wildly, Michael tries to lead him outside. Daniel takes a swing at him.

Adam arrives at No.3 and takes Daniel away meanwhile Sinead asks Beth to ensure she's dressed nicely when she's buried, dissolving her to tears. Daniel breaks down and sobs in Adam's arms. Elsewhere, Paul's shocked to see Bernie back with Kel. Chesney's amazed when Paul lays into him for not throwing Bernie out and Gemma's puzzled to see them squaring up. Shona receives a call informing her that Max has walked out of school. Max arrives home and Shona reveals she knows he bunked off but Max flatly denies it and stomps upstairs. Steve's delighted when Emma introduces him to the footballers as her dad for the first time.