Will there be a Criminal season two on Netflix?

Are you enjoying Netflix's Criminal?

Netflix's Criminal is the latest series to have everyone on the edge of their seats, and follows various detectives as they interrogate suspects and try to get to the bottom of the crime. Speaking about a potential season two of the drama, which uniquely consists of 12 episodes from four different countries, co-creator Jim Field Smith said: "We're talking about it at the minute, I think one of the things that's so exciting for us and for Netflix and hopefully for audiences, is that it's never been done before so we're slightly going, 'How are people going to watch this show?' We don't know."

Are you enjoying the series?

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He added: "Obviously we've made England, France and Spain and Germany on our first expedition, we hope to do more. Hopefully [covering more countries] would be our goal. We'd love to take this concept and kind of take this arena, and bring more people into the arena and that's how I think the show can evolve and keep breathing. We'd love to obviously make more UK episodes and that's what we're talking about at the moment."

Would you like to see a second series?

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Speaking about how they made the show in four different countries, Jim's fellow co-creator George Kay explained: "That's the normal re-format, each territory making their own version, but this is a sort of concurrent version of that … so it's a big jump and leap of faith for everyone. But we were really well supported." Jim added: "Netflix saw the potential in it, but saw something beyond what we saw in it, which was this international component to it, and they obviously have the ability to do that and we hadn't necessarily thought about that. So they came to us and said, 'How about we do this show but do it in, not just make an English drama but make a show that's in four different territories' and that's not really been done before so there was a certain amount of trepidation."