Susanna Reid reveals she was warned by TV boss NEVER to show grey hairs

The 48-year-old fronts Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan

Susanna Reid has spoken about the pressure to remain youthful on television, revealing that she was once warned by a TV producer to never have grey hairs while on air. The 48-year-old Good Morning Britain host opened up about life on the small screen in her new column in the Daily Mail, confessing, "I'm mentally checking my calendar – is my weekly spray tan booked in at a time when I won't need to cook a family meal straight afterwards and get tanning goo all over my kitchen? When do I need to get my roots done next? A former producer once gravely warned me 'no greys on air' – and I've taken it to heart."

Susanna Reid hosts Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan

She continued: "Have I ordered the soft, brown loaf my three teenage boys love in the weekly online shop, and if not, have I missed the deadline for adding it to my order? Thoughts of bread inevitably lead me to consider whether I need to lose a few pounds again, since I lost almost two stone last summer. And to wonder if the cheese I can't stop eating is to blame – for weight gain and for the recent nightmares from which I wake with a start."

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Just last week, Susanna opened up about her new column, and vowed to speak candidly about her struggle to juggle motherhood with her presenting duties. She explained: "Behind the glossy hair and smart dresses you see on TV, this is who I am: a busy working mum like any other. A woman who's giving it her all at work, but constantly feeling a little over-committed. Who adores her family and would do anything to give them the best in life, but sometimes struggles with the business of cooking meals and prepping school kit. Who also cares deeply about our society and our country — and isn't afraid to speak her mind. From the outside, it looks like I've got my life sorted, but all too often I find myself awake at night, worrying about keeping all those spinning plates in the air."