Lorraine Kelly reveals her least favourite celebrity guests: video

Lorraine is celebrating 35 years on television!

Huge congratulations to Lorraine Kelly, who is celebrating 35 years in television! On Monday, a special episode of her eponymous show aired, guest hosted by ITV colleague Piers Morgan, to mark the special occasion. Of course there have been many highlights in her stellar career – but Lorraine was put on the spot by Dan Wootton when she was asked to name her best and worst celebrity guests! Lorraine's personal highlights included Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks and George Clooney, who she said were all as normal as you can be, given their celebrity status. When it came to her least favourite interviewees, Lorraine named Kevin Spacey, who she described as "very arrogant", admitting she didn't like him at all.

Lorraine Kelly reveals her least favourite celebrity guests

The 59-year-old also mentioned Harrison Ford as one of her most difficult guests, but said she thought he didn't like the movie he was promoting at the time and so just wasn't really happy. And Bruce Willis also stood out to the star, who described that particular interview as "just weird" because Bruce would give an answer that had "nothing to do with what you'd just said".

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The show began with a special highlights reel showing some of Lorraine's most-impactful interviews, from Stephen Lawrence's mother, to the McCanns, Amanda Knox and Bob Geldof, following the tragic death of his daughter Peaches. The show also included some video tributes from special people in her life, including her primary school teacher, who said Lorraine was her star pupil, and her younger brother Graham, who shared that his sister was the same person both on-and-off screen, describing her as a very warm and bubbly person. Her proud parents also sent in a special video message, in which they spoke of their pride, stating they "think the world of" Lorraine but don't say it as often as they should.

She named Buzz Aldrin as her favourite celebrity guest

Asked by Piers to pick her favourite moment from her 35-year career, Lorraine ultimately chose interviewing Buzz Aldrin, joking it was a "terrible interview" but sharing her excitement that, as a "geek", she was able to speak to someone who had actually been on the moon. She also spoke of her regret that she would never get the chance to interview the late, great David Bowie.

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Lorraine's parents made a special appearance on the show

Lorraine, 59, has presented on TV-am, GMTV, ITV Breakfast, Daybreak and her eponymous show, Lorraine. At the end of the show, she was presented with a cake featuring her beloved dog Angus, and took the opportunity to thank fans and viewers for all their support over the years. Congratulations, Lorraine – here's to the next 35 years!