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Killing Eve season 3 set photo reveals MASSIVE spoiler about Villanelle's next victim

Put the gun down Villanelle!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Jodie Comer is currently filming the third season of the hugely popular show, Killing Eve, and the latest set photos have revealed her character Villanelle's latest victim – and it might surprise you! In the pictures, Jodie can be seen riding on a motorbike dressed up as a police officer. She pulls a car over and then is snapped pointing a gun at the driver – who turned out to be (spoiler alert!) the one and only Carolyn Martens.

jodie comer 1

Is Carolyn Villanelle's next victim?

In the photos, Eve's former MI5 boss looked characteristically composed as she was spotted leaving the car, which would suggest that perhaps Villanelle wasn't about to kill off the main character just yet! Following the season two finale, which saw Villanelle shoot Eve after she refused to run away with her, the show bosses have remained tight-lipped on whether Eve (played by Sandra Oh) would be returning to season three.

killing eve carolyn

Fiona Shaw, who plays Carolyn, was also on the set

Speaking about Villanelle turning on Eve in the finale, executive producer Sally Woodward told The Hollywood Reporter: "We always knew that we were working toward this moment where Villanelle would con Eve into killing someone and Villanelle would think that it was going to be this massive romance where they'd ride into the sunset… We've sort of toyed with whether or not they'd do a Thelma and Louise, but then we go, well then what do they do? I think Eve would very quickly realise that she had been deluding herself about the reality of what that life would actually be, and I personally don't think that Eve would ever go with her."

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Speaking about season three, she added: "What excites me about the show is that you should, every season, be able to do something that feels bold and different from the one before and you can explore big ideas. Plus the fact that you can kill so many people means there's always space to bring in brilliant new people, so you should constantly be surprised by who might end up dead!"

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