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Phillip Schofield reveals how he and Holly Willoughby deal with making mistakes live on This Morning

The pair are always laughing on This Morning!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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It is no secret that Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are best friends in real life as well as co-presenters on This Morning, and so it's hardly surprising that the pair regularly crack up in laughter while live on the breakfast show. Chatting about how they deal with getting the giggle during the show, Phillip told Digital Spy: "I think the thing is with us, if something goes wrong, providing it's not in a serious item, we just make the most of it. We point the camera at it and have a laugh. If it's a big old thing, you just turn a camera on it and laugh, that's the only way."

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Holly and Phil love having a chuckle on This Morning

The star also opened up about their Halloween episode, where Holly had to put her hand into a mystery box. He joked: "Holly's scared of anything, she's scared all the time. Holly was scared today, because she won't put her hand in a box if she doesn't know what is in there, even though I tried to reassure her it was okay. She still doesn't trust me, which is probably very wise."

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He continued: "But I don't tend to get scared if I'm honest. I'm trying to think of a time in telly when I've been really scared. Not much scares me. The only thing that scares me is the show not finishing on time, that's the sort of thing I worry about. Minor stuff." The pair had viewers in fits of laughter on Thursday after a Wizard of Oz themed episode which saw them dressed as Dorothy and the Scarecrow. One person wrote: "Congratulations on a fabulous show today. Really enjoying this morning," while another tweeted: "#ThisMorning recreating Wizard of Oz for Halloween. Today's show is definitely my favourite theme they've done."

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