Disney+ brings UK launch date forward - find out when it will be released 

We can finally watch the Mandalorian!

Emmy Griffiths

Disney+ has finally announced the release date for the streaming service in the UK after premiering in the US back in November 2019, and it's sooner than you might think! While US fans have been treated to all of the Disney films and TV shows archive, along with brand new series including the hit show The Mandalorian, it looks like UK viewers will finally be able to catch up on 24 March, a week earlier than originally planned. 


The service might have been pushed forward to prevent The Mandalorian from being pirated

According to the BBC, users can choose between £5.99 a month of £59.99 payment plans. Speaking about the price, Enders Analysis specialist Tom Harrington told the BBC: "The UK price was predictable given the aggressive US charge and the trend of a race to the bottom in terms of price - none of these services are going to make money for years." Tom also suggested that the service might have come forward to prevent The Mandalorian from being pirated ahead of the service's launch. 


Will you buy Disney+?

Fans were delighted by the news, while some added up the costs of the newly introduced services, including Apple TV+, writing: "Disney+ = £6/month. Apple TV+ = £5/month. Netflix = £9/month. Sky (w/o Sport) = £22/month. Getting steep." Another person added: "They've pushed it up by a week! £5.99 isn't a terrible monthly price either!" 

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Other shows that are already available or coming soon to the streaming service including High School Musical: The Series, Monsters at Work, and Marvel TV shows, WandaVision, Loki, Ms Marvel and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Speaking about what to expect from WandaVision at Disney's D23 event back in August, Elizabeth Olsen said: "We can confidently say it is [a sitcom]." Paul Bettany added: "That’s how it begins and it moves into more familiar epic territory later. But it’s absolutely a mash-up of sitcoms."

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