The Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston to star in new Netflix drama - find out more

The show will be a political thriller 

Tom Hiddleston was just amazing as Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager, and now the star will be returning to the small screen for his next project on Netflix - and we can't wait to binge-watch the entire thing in one go! The Avengers actor will be starring in a new political thriller series called White Stork, which is from the same producers as the hugely popular Sex Education. 

Tom will star in the new Netflix show 

According to Deadline, Tom will play James Cooper, a parliamentary candidate who has a damaging secret that threatens to come out into the public. The official synopsis reads: "When James Cooper is selected to run for a seat in Parliament, Asher Millan is sent to vet him for primetime. But she quickly uncovers potentially damaging secrets buried deep in James' past. Secrets that will threaten to blow everything apart - his career, his marriage, even the powerful people backing his campaign. White Stork is a political thriller about the paradox of truth in a post-truth world."

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WATCH: Tom in first sneak peek of Loki

Tom is ruling the streaming services at the moment, as he will also be playing his most famous role, Loki, in a new Disney+ TV show, aptly named Loki. Fans were delighted with the news, with one writing: "6 episodes of Loki. 10 episodes of White Stork. So... If I am right... We ll have something like 16 hours of Tom. Are you happy!? Cause I m so excited."  Another added: "Every morning my happiness increases. I can't wait for 2021. It will be a blessed year."

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Tom previously opened up about his role as Loki to Collider, explaining: "I feel a huge responsibility for it. I feel a huge sense that this is a character people care about, and I feel like it means a lot to me to, to deliver the character people know and love, but also to try my best to… I’m not just putting yesterday’s dinner in the microwave and reheating it; I’m evolving the character, developing him, and inventing new things for people to appreciate, or love to hate, or laugh at. I’m usually the butt of the joke. Let’s face it."