Ralf Little reveals how his detective is different from Ardal O'Hanlon in Death in Paradise

Are you looking forward to seeing Ralf Little take over as Neville Parker?

Ralf Little has opened up about how his portrayal of the new lead detective on the island of St Marie will be very different to Ardal O'Hanlon, Kris Marshall and even Ben Miller's detectives. Chatting to HELLO! ahead of his first episode in Death in Paradise as DI Neville Parker, he explained: "His shtick as a detective is that Ben [Miller] was very methodical. Chris [Marshall] as Humphrey would sort of stumble onto ideas, clumsy but still very brilliant, while Ardal [O'Hanlon's] character was sort of a storyteller, he narratively can weave an anecdote and through it would start to gain some understanding of a case. Neville's thing is that he spots often like a single detail that everyone else has overlooked."

Ralf explained how Neville will be different 

He continued: "A good example would be if a victim was known not to have sugar in their tea, but they found a sachet of sweetener in their pocket, everyone else would dismiss that as just something that's not important. But he'd be like, 'There's something that doesn't chime right.' He has a specific eye for detail, that's like his thing. I mean, it ties into the fact that he has to analyse any given situation."

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He also revealed that Neville is single, explaining: "He doesn't have a partner, doesn't have kids. Not because he's a loser or anything but because my feeling is I think his life is manageable, smoothly without a routine that doesn't have, I don't know, her makeup that she might wear. But his life has a routine that he now has to stick to, which isn't to say that there's isn't room for somebody in his life, but I would imagine doesn't really meet very many new people because that's what he does."

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