Last Tango in Halifax season 5 trailer hints at new romance for Caroline 

We can't wait for the series to be back

Last Tango in Halifax is nearly back on our screens for the first time in four years - and the BBC have shared a first look at what the two very different families, brought together by Celia and Alan, are up to now. In the exciting new trailer, baby Calamity is now a little girl, and asking Celia all sorts of personal questions about her age. Meanwhile, Alan has decided to get a job in the supermarket, and clearly isn't allowed to drive their Lexus anymore as he is going to and from his job by bus. The trailer hints at trouble as Alan's brother Ted comes to visit from Australia, then states he isn't planning on returning. 

Are you looking forward to the new series? 

Gillian also has problems of her own as she tells Alan that she can't face living in debt, with him telling her that he'll see what he can do. However, it appears this doesn't work out in Celia's books, who tells Gillian that she is "manipulating [her] dad". However, the most exciting moment of the trailer hinted at a new relationship for Caroline, who was left single following the tragic death of her wife Kate shortly after their wedding day, leaving her to raise their newborn daughter Flora alone. 

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The official synopsis reads: "Alan (Derek Jacobi) and Celia (Anne Reid) are now seven years into their marriage but, having moved into a desirable bungalow with stunning views across the Calder Valley, they aren’t quite seeing eye to eye. It isn’t just their differing politics that’s a source of tension; Alan’s new supermarket job brings an unexpected challenge in the form of a wild local lad, and at Far Slack Farm Gillian (Nicola Walker) faces trouble with a giraffe." 

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Fans were delighted by the news, with one writing: "At last! At long last! This is a thoroughly enjoyable series." Another added: "SO pleased this is back.  A wonderful series." A third person tweeted: "We’ve been waiting quite a while now, but I know it’ll be worth it! Sally’s a genius and masterpieces can’t be rushed!"