15 of the most romantic movie moments of all time to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day

Will you be watching these romantic movies this Valentine's Day?

Francesca Shillcock

Watching a movie full of love and romance is one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. In honour of the day of love, and to help you decide which one to watch, we've compiled a list of the most romantic scenes of all time. From Heath Ledger's iconic singing in Ten Things I Hate About You to a rather controversial Love Actually moment, these scenes will definitely have you feeling the love – and grabbing a tissue or two!

The Notebook – "It still isn't over!"

Oh, Ryan Gosling. How you pulled at our heartstrings as Noah Calhoun in Nicholas Spark's 2004 hit film The Notebook. After years of not speaking, Noah and love-interest Allie, played by Rachel McAdams, reunite and soon discover that there was unfinished business. Then, the two lovebirds go in for THAT kiss (which happened to win MTV Movie Award in fact) and our hearts officially broke.


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Notting Hill – "I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy"

It wouldn't be a rom-com without Hugh Grant, right? The film star and 90s heartthrob starred in Richard Curtis' 1999 epic Notting Hill alongside Julia Roberts and the two leading characters soon fell in love. However, in a scene that has gone down in history – and is still quoted today – Julia's character Anna Scott expresses her love for Hugh's character Will Thacker with the iconic line "I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her." One of the best.


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Romeo + Juliet – Two star-crossed lovers meet for the first time

Romeo and Juliet may not exactly be a new story, but Baz Luhrmann's 1997 version starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Clare Danes as the two star-crossed lovers certainly puts a fresh-spin on the Bard's famous play. The two meet and lock eyes through the fish bowl and instantly fall in love.


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Sleepless in Seattle – United at the Empire State

Tom Hanks. Need we say more? The actor stars alongside fellow rom-com hero Meg Ryan in the classic 1993 film from much-loved writer Nora Ephron. The film tells the story of Sam and Annie as they go back-and-forth on whether to meet and pursue a relationship. In the end, Sam is finally convinced to head to New York and, in a final scene that is often consider one of the best, the couple meet for the first time atop New York's Empire State Building. The pair, along with Sam's son Jonah, walk into an elevator together and the doors close as the film ends.



When Harry met Sally – A New Year and new beginnings

Another Meg Ryan film makes the cut. The actress plays Sally alongside Billy Crystal who plays Harry. The story is of two friends, both unlucky in love, but soon discover love is closer than they thought. Harry then expresses his love for Sally at the end at a New Year's Eve party. We love it!

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Ten things I Hate About You - "I love you, baby!"

Heath Ledger may no longer be with us sadly but we'll always have his fantastic performances. And his turn in 1999 teen cult film Ten Things… is a no different. Julia Stiles stars alongside Heath and the film explores the two's love-hate relationship. In an iconic scene, Heath, who plays Patrick Verona, serenades Julia's character Kat with Frankie Valli's classic song "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You". In fact, the scene was loved so much, Heath won the MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Performance that year.

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Crazy Rich Asians - The Plane Proposal

In 2018 Crazy Rich Asians was released and fans loved it. Henry Golding stars in the film and the end scene is thought of as one of the most romantic ever. Henry's character Nick pops the question to Rachel, played by Constance Wu, and the whole plane claps. Gets us every time!


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Bridget Jone's Diary – when Mark Darcy buys a new diary

Bridget Jones might be the ultimate single-girl hero, but when Mark Darcy, played by none other than romcom hunk Colin Firth, goes out to buy her a new diary in the first film it gave us all hope of finding true love.


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Love Actually – "To me, you are perfect"

This is arguably a controversial one. Many think that when Mark, played by Andrew Lincoln, expressed his dying love for Juliet, played by Keira Knightley, at her front door with signs and Christmas carols it was a little shady. The scene has sparked many debates and opinion articles since, but we loved it! Up – The note from Ellie Pixar's Up is an emotional rollercoaster. If the first ten minutes don't have you blubbing for poor Carl, then the heart-warming note from Ellie at the end will.


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Love and Basketball – "I'll play you… for your heart."

Monica and Quincy's love always makes us shed a tear. The 2000 film starring Sanaa Lathan, who plays Monica, and Omar Epps, who plays Quincy, tells the story of the two childhood friends as they both try to balance careers in basketball and love. The two part ways in the film, but sure enough reunite in the end. When Monica says, "I'll play you" Quincy replies: "For what?" Then Monica responds: "Your heart." Cute!


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Call Me by Your Name – The First Kiss

Pretty much the whole of Call Me by Your Name is incredibly romantic. But the first kiss between Elio and Oliver in a picturesque Italian field is one of the most romantic parts. It's a Wonderful Life – "I'll lasso the moon down for you, Mary" This classic film is not only the perfect Christmas film, but the perfect romance film. The 1946 movie tells the story of George and his quest to finding the perfect life and the lessons he learns along the way. But it's his devotion to Mary that is super sweet when he promises to lasso her the moon.


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Titanic – "Open your eyes"

It's arguable that most scenes in this film are tear-jerkers. But the scene where Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) teaches Rose (Kate Winslet) how to fly, is super romantic.


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You've Got Mail – "Don't cry"

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan strike at our hearts again. This time, in You've Got Mail when Joe wipes away Kathleen's tears and sweetly says "Don't cry shop-girl."



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